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Contract Basics

4 Biggest Contract Management Challenges for Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations have a noble mission: working together for...

Company Updates

Meet Dena Watkins, Marketing Specialist

At ContractWorks, our employees come from a variety of experiences...

Risk & Compliance

3 Biggest Contract Management Challenges for Manufacturing Companies

The manufacturing industry is one of the economy’s most complex and...

Legal Department

Surviving and Conquering Your New Role as Corporate Counsel

Changing jobs can be incredibly stressful. Everything you are...

Legal Department

The Expanding Legal Department and its Impact on General Counsel

The value of the legal department stretches well beyond just...

Case Study

Xeris Pharmaceuticals

See how ContractWorks
helped Xeris Pharmaceuticals
tighten internal controls,
track contract milestones,
and improve stakeholder insight.

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Company Updates

Meet Mark Rhodes, Managing Director, Europe

At ContractWorks, our employees come from a variety of experiences...

Company Updates

ContractWorks Responds to Growth in Europe, Opens New London Office

ContractWorks is thrilled to announce its expansion into Europe with...

Legal Department

5 Tips for Spearheading Adoption of New Legal Technology

The legal industry is currently being shaken up by a variety of new...

Contract Management Software

7 Industries that Benefit from Contract Management Software

Implementing contract management software is a best practice for...

Contract Management Software

Can SharePoint and Contract Management Software be Used Together?

SharePoint and contract management software are two very different...

Contract Basics

What an Effective Contract Management Process Looks Like

Having an effective contract management process should be the goal of...