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Electronic Signature Licenses i Purchase additional electronic signature users for $1200 a year per 5 users.




Smart Document Tagging i Powered by ContractWorks' proprietary AI technology. Documents are automatically tagged with meta data like agreement type, parties, effective date, and termination date, so you can quickly run reports to understand the contents of your contract portfolio.

Smart Contract Outline i Powered by ContractWorks' proprietary AI technology. The Smart Contract Outline feature reads the contents of documents and creates a linear outline, so you can easily find key terms and clauses and jump to specific sections of an agreement.

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Document Attachments

Document Tagging (Custom Fields)



Permission-Based User Roles

Date Alerts

Customizable Reporting

Audit Log Report

Branding: Logo and Unique URL

Fujitsu ScanSnap Integration

Upload Contracts by Email

SAML 2.0/Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Salesforce Integration i A ContractWorks Electronic Signature license is required to use Salesforce Integration. There is a one-time charge of $500 for the integration from the Salesforce AppExchange.

* All plans are billed annually.

"ContractWorks allows us to run custom reports with flexible alert times frames, which has saved us money due to no longer missing renewal dates or opportunities. This combined with time savings, has paid for itself, many times over."

Devin Poe - Purchasing Specialist, Simple

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Partner Programs

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Volume Packages

If you work with a Law firm or Professional Services firm and are considering offering Contract Management as a billable service, we offer volume discounts so that you can provide expertise and software to your clients. 

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Non-Profit Discount

ContractWorks is happy to offer a discount to non-profit organizations. Contact us to learn more.

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Can my trial account continue on to a paid subscription?

Yes, your trial ContractWorks account will automatically convert to the standard pricing option should you wish to move to a paid subscription. You will not need to duplicate any of the work you have done in setting up your contracts, tags, alerts or inviting users.

How do I subscribe and pay for the service?

Contact your account manager (or email sales@contractworks.com or call 866-700-7975) and we will send out an order form. The order form is sent via our electronic signature system and requires just a typed signature to accept, a countersigned copy will be sent to you by return. See next question for payment options.

What type of payment do you accept?

Our first choice of payment is be paid by credit card. We accept all major providers. We understand that is not always possible. An account manager will be able to provide an invoice with details for payment via ACH or wire transfer.

Can I subscribe from outside of the US?

Absolutely, we have clients all over the world as ContractWorks is highly responsive irrespective of location. Ideally payment for the service would be via credit card but we will accept wire transfers in US dollars for clients subscribing on an annual term.

What happens to my data if I want to discontinue with the service?

You own your data and the product includes a facility to bulk download your documents at any time. If you cancel the subscription, and once you have confirmed you are fully off the system, we will delete all records within 30 days (See our terms and conditions for more information regarding data handling on contract termination).

How much is ContractWorks Electronic Signature?

Each price plan includes a set number of electronic signature users.

Standard: Five electronic signature users.

Professional: Ten electronic signature users.

Enterprise: 20 electronic signature users.

Additional electronic signature users cost $1200/year for a pack of five users. Users can create and send documents for signing, all recipients can sign for free.

Tell me more about Electronic Signature

Electronic signature allows ContractWorks customers to enable a set number of users with a license to send documents out for signature. Recipients of contracts do not need a license to sign them, nor do they need a user login to ContractWorks to sign. Customers who need more users enabled with an Electronic Signature license can contact our Account Management team for assistance (support@contractworks.com). Additional licenses are available in packs of 5 at $1200/yr.