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All-in-one contract lifecycle management

Confidently manage legal documents from start to finish. Collaborate on contracts at every stage of their lifecycle. Process agreements on one platform. Bring transparency to your contracts so you know the status,  contents, and commitments of every single one.


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Do business from anywhere with CLM

Get the job done anytime, from anywhere. Store your contracts in our secure cloud and have peace of mind that only teams with access to ContractWorks will see them. Draft, review, and sign documents right from your phone.


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Build your own CLM software solution

Customize ContractWorks with every feature legal teams need to work successfully. Set up efficient workflows while paying only for what you use. Enable seamless contracting without the big price tag or complicated software.


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Group 834 Contract requests
Group 836 Contract drafts
Group 833 Negotiations
Group 835 Review and approvals
Group 9 E-signatures
Group 5 Contract repository
Group 7 Contract analytics
Group 8 Obligations and renewals
Group 840 Amendments
Get Contracting Started in Minutes

Contract Requests

Initiate contract requests from the comfort of ContractWorks. Include all essential information for creating the document, such as organizations, signatories, dates, milestones, and deliverables. Save data to your centralized repository for easy access and future reference. Pull saved data from repositories and add it directly into new documents. Streamline requests with:

  • Client data for easy access
  • Projects for added transparency
  • Custom requests

Replaces: email, MS Word, phone calls

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Create without the headache

Business Contract Drafting

Ensure that all new legal documents comply with corporate requirements and government regulations. Create standardized templates of frequently-used contracts to simplify and speed up future document drafting. Generate MSAs, NDAs, and more in minutes with ContractWorks CLM solution. Empower your contracting with:
  • Live preview
  • Clause playbooks
  • Conditional logic
  • Projects
  • Public registry and database integration

Replaces: MS Word, template assembly, offline storage 

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Enable Meaningful Collaboration

Negotiations & Redlining

Facilitate cross-team and interdepartmental collaboration with powerful negotiation and redlining tools. Edit contracts and agreements side by side in real time. Invite counterparties and external partners to collaborate without the need to sign up and register. Simplify previously-challenging stages with:
  • Version control
  • One-click reminders
  • Approval flows
  • Live collaboration

Replaces: email, collaboration software, phone calls

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Skip the Hassle of Finalizing Documents

Review & Approvals

Reduce the amount of work you do by never looking again at the same contract twice. Assign clauses, sections, or documents to parties and stakeholders for review and approval. Stay in the loop and only take action when you need to. Accelerate reviews with:
  • Custom workflows
  • Instant notifications
  • User role management
  • To-do lists

Replaces: task management, emails, collaboration software

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Sign on the Go Whenever & Wherever 


Sign contracts without having to leave ContractWorks CLM. Avoid the hassle of switching tabs or browsers, and don't fret about the cost of additional envelopes. Enjoy the flexibility of our ContractWorks CLM solution by integrating with your own e-signature provider if you already have one. Simplify signing with:
  • 1-click signing
  • 3rd-party integration
  • Data collection
  • Status updates

Replaces: wet signatures, standalone e-Sign

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Store Data in One Central Location

Contract Repository

Have peace of mind knowing that your  sensitive documents and data are safe and secure  in our cloud storage with bank-level encryption. Access contract data from any location or device so long as you have an internet connection. Quickly find the right contract and get the data you need. Manage contracts and data with:
  • In-text search
  • Metadata
  • Cloud storage
  • Search filters

Replaces: cloud storage providers, office archives, Sharepoint

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Learn How Your Contracts Are Performing

Contract Analytics

Drive your contract management process forward while staying on top of how your contracts and teams are performing. Leverage ContractWorks CLM metadata to generate custom reports. Make sure you know if your contracts are meeting their goals. Get the data you need to guide your business decisions. Stay up to date with:
  • Dashboards
  • Performance reports
  • Analytics
  • CRM integrations

Replaces: graph makers, analytics tools, spreadsheets

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Avoid Breaches of Contract

Obligations & Renewals

Never miss another deadline with automatic reminders that inform you about important dates. Renew expiring contracts in one click, or terminate agreements by quickly sending the required notices. Allow your legal team to focus on high-value opportunities without the distraction of constantly checking documents for important information. Stay up to date with:

  • Automatic reminders and alerts
  • Personalized reports
  • Custom tags and smart tags

Replaces: spreadsheets, email, phone calls, calendars, manual notifications

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Adjust Contracts When Needed


Remain compliant by being able to swiftly create and send requests and possible language for contract amendments. Swiftly accommodate changes to corporate policies or government regulations by generating clauses and sending them to stakeholders for review and approval. Create amendments easily with:

  • Version control
  • Notifications
  • 1-click signing

Replaces: email, MS Word, phone calls, wet signatures

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What is CLM software? closed-icon open-icon

Contract lifecycle management software (also known as CLM software) helps companies manage contracts and agreements at every stage of the contract lifecycle, from drafting and execution to performance audits and termination. CLM software helps establish a proactive contract management process while automating routine work to free up time and resources. Some CLM solutions solve each stage of the contract lifecycle, while other solutions provide the ability to impact a specific stage quickly and affordably.

How does a CLM work? closed-icon open-icon

CLM software is a lifecycle management solution that automates legal templates and streamlines contract workflows for key contract lifecycle stages. Some solutions address all contract lifecycle stages and provide 360 degrees of visibility into an organization’s contracts. Other solutions specialize in solving one critical contract management pain point. The end goal of all CLM software solutions is to speed up bureaucratic legal processes and get rid of lengthy contract lifecycles.

Why do I need a CLM? closed-icon open-icon

Advanced CLM software provides full visibility into agreements, establishes a clear process, reduces the risk of mistakes, saves time and money, maximizes the value of legal work, and generates a positive ROI. CLM software is also capable of tracking and showing the Legal department’s material impact in a data-driven, transparent manner so that all departments can become aware of and recognize the value of Legal.

How do I learn if I need a different CLM? closed-icon open-icon

To determine if a specific CLM is the right fit, you need to ask yourself several questions:

  • Does it provide end-to-end lifecycle process coverage?
  • Does it offer a centralized repository that can be easily searched?
  • Can it be used by everyone in the company?
  • Does it cover your business needs?
  • Is my system a difficult CLM software?
  • Which agreements does my CLM process?

You can also use our CLM risk scorecard to guide your evaluation of your existing software.

Can I migrate to ContractWorks from my current CLM? closed-icon open-icon

Yes, you can migrate from your current CLM system to ContractWorks CLM. We’ll take appropriate steps to ensure your data is preserved, and we’ll set everything up for you (including all drafting and approval workflows) at no extra cost. All you have to do is let our team know.

What are the stages of contract lifecycle management? closed-icon open-icon

The standard contract lifecycle process consists of 9 stages: planning, drafting, negotiating, approving, signing, implementing, renewing (or terminating), managing obligations, and analyzing contract data.

Does ContractWorks CLM cover all stages? closed-icon open-icon

Yes, ContractWorks CLM covers the entire contract management process for a full end-to-end contract management process: contract request, contract drafting, negotiations, contract review / approval, contract execution, repository, expirations, renewals, obligations, and amendments. Even though many companies may have their own contract management process, ContractWorks CLM was designed to be highly flexible and capable of meeting the requirements of any company contracting workflow.

What are the tangible benefits of ContractWorks CLM? closed-icon open-icon

ContractWorks is among the best-matching CLM solutions for fast-scaling teams due to the:

  • Fastest rollout in the industry (14–30 days)
  • Flexible pricing
  • Fast ROI and time-to-value
  • Cloud-based software
  • Granular automated reporting
  • A constantly growing number of integrations
  • The most powerful document processing engine. 

What is contract lifecycle management? closed-icon open-icon

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is the process of monitoring and managing all elements of a contract through a specific series of steps, oftentimes known as ‘stages’. CLM includes tracking associated factors like a contract’s performance, compliance, and other success indicators. CLM typically starts the moment a contract is requested or proposed, and it covers all steps from initiation to its termination or renewal. To simplify the workload, CLM software and specialized CLM tools provide special features that automate and ease the requirements of each CLM stage.

What is a CLM tool? closed-icon open-icon

A CLM tool is an example of CLM software. It provides users with specialized functions and features that enable more efficient contract management. Many types of CLM software exist. Some CLM software is comprised of just one or two core functions, like approval and reporting workflows. More advanced, powerful CLM software like ContractWorks CLM is capable of end-to-end contract management. In addition to contract drafting workflows, end-to-end CLM software also possesses features like e-signatures, alerts, notifications, obligations tracking, renewals management, redlining workflows, review workflows, and more. 

How much does CLM cost? closed-icon open-icon

Every CLM solution vendor charges their own price for their service. In the case of ContractWorks CLM, we provide three affordable, transparent plans that can fit the budget of legal teams of any size. All three plans are billed annually and come with unlimited users, as well as a certain number of documents and e-signature licenses. For more details about our pricing, visit our dedicated CLM pricing page.

How much can I save by using ContractWorks CLM? closed-icon open-icon

The amount you can save by switching to ContractWorks CLM software depends greatly on your company’s current contracting processes and related costs. However, on average, for every 1,200 contracts processed each year, ContractWorks CLM software helps companies save up to 2,500 hours and $224,000. For growth-minded companies, this is a considerable amount of time and money that can be reinvested back into the company. For value-minded companies, the time can be repurposed for additional projects, while the money could be redistributed to shareholders as dividends or allocated for other endeavors.