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Transforming contract management for companies worldwide

Draft contracts faster than you can make an espresso

Automate your templates so you can create massive 100-page contracts as quickly as short one-pagers by answering simple questions. Our live preview feature ensures that everything is in order, saving you time and effort. Sort your documents into different projects for better organization and greater transparency. 


80% faster

Contract workflows

5 minutes

Average drafting time


Minimum value gained

2 weeks

Rollout and onboarding period


Faster Document Generation

Simple workflows for the most convoluted contracts 

Faster Document Generation

Simple workflows for the most convoluted contracts 

Pre-approved legal templates

Empower your business teams to take control of document drafting by pre-approving templates in ContractWorks. Create error-free contracts and easily tailor document templates with conditional logic. Enable contracting where all your lawyer has to do is take a quick look and hit ‘Approve’.

Сounterparty collaboration

Eliminate back-and-forth emails and hidden redlines by inviting third parties to fill in their contract data in ContractWorks without having to sign up. Create invite links with different access levels and avoid having to compile info from multiple documents into one final version.

Straightforward contracts

Leverage GPT-3 technology to translate complex legalese into clear text. Remove the extra hassle of constantly explaining contract clauses to business teams.

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Drive Operational Efficiency

Simplicity is the name of the game

Drive Operational Efficiency

Simplicity is the name of the game

Notifications & alerts

Automated notifications and alerts remove the annoyance of having to track key contract deliverables manually. Stay updated in real time so you can act quickly when contracts need attention, legal document review is completed, and agreements are finalized.

Data auto-fill 

Put an end to burning time on manually copying and pasting every piece of information from the main document to every annex, service agreement, invoice, and so on. Fill in the information once, then let the system populate data across all documents within a project.


Connect ContractWorks document automation to your favorite CRM, eBilling, or collaboration software to automatically pull data into your contracts without the risk of mistakes. Synchronize records so that every time a document is created, all integrated systems know about it.

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What are the benefits of document automation? closed-icon open-icon

Thanks to document automation, creating fully compliant, error-free contracts takes less than 60 seconds instead of 30+ minutes. All stages of a contract’s lifecycle are automated, which eliminates unnecessary legal document review and slow approvals while speeding up contract drafting by at least 80%. Also, legal document automation frees legal teams from having to take part in drafting every single document, providing them greater ability to focus on high-impact legal work.

How can I tell if I need document automation? closed-icon open-icon

There are several signs that can indicate if automated contract drafting will help your contracting workflows. For example:

  • Legal takes too much time preparing simple contracts.
  • Too many versions of the same legal document exist.
  • Legal document review consistently takes longer than a day.
  • Documents are consistently filled with manual errors.
  • Finding the right contract template is no easy task.

Any one of these signs suggest that document automation will help you. But if your workflows suffer from more than one of these issues, then the impact of document automation will be even greater.

What are the 4 requirements for a valid contract? closed-icon open-icon

The basic requirements for a contract to be considered legally enforceable are: mutual assent, adequate consideration, capacity, and legality. The mutual assent requirement is sometimes defined as having four separate parts: a valid offer, intention, certainty, and acceptance. ContractWorks document drafting software will help you ensure none of the contract validity elements are ever missed in your agreements.

What is a contract plan? closed-icon open-icon

A contract plan is a special document that assists the individuals who are responsible for drafting and executing a contract and its terms. It can also be used by those who review contracts to help them verify a document draft satisfies the requirements of the plan.

What is a contract playbook? closed-icon open-icon

A contract playbook is a special document that breaks down and explains all the elements of a company’s standard legal contracts. It may include contract types for specific situations, definitions of legal terms, description of clauses, description of fallback clauses (i.e. alternative clauses that the company is willing to accept during negotiations), reasons to walk away, outline of the signing and approval processes, guidelines for negotiations, and examples of standard legal documents.

Does ContractWorks CLM use GPT-3? closed-icon open-icon

ContractWorks was among the first legal tech companies to successfully implement GPT-3 AI technology into its platform. For now, ContractWorks provides two functions that use GPT-3: Clause Creator and Simplify. Clause Creator uses GPT-3 to draft contract clauses in seconds from scratch while Simplify translates contract language into simpler terms.