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Upgrade Your Financial Management
Improve Financial Insight

Cut costs and keep current

Using a combination of Smart Tags, user-defined tags, and custom reporting, you’ll see exactly how your spending breaks down, so you can identify ways to cut costs. Alerts and notifications help you stay on top of billing expectations, contract obligations, and special terms and conditions. You'll never miss a contract expiration date or automatic renewal again.

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Get Tools for Strategizing
Gain Tools for Strategizing

Discover opportunities

Develop new strategies for cost savings with clear reporting that offers 360° insight into spending and makes it easy to understand revenue impacts. OCR and advanced search features let you find specific clauses and keywords in your agreements in seconds. Snippet View allows you to see where those terms appear across multiple documents, making it easy to find opportunities for renegotiation.

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Get contracts approved faster
Automate the Closure Process

Get contracts approved in 1-3 days

Reduce expenses and eliminate bottlenecks with straightforward approval flows that take the guesswork out of who needs to review and approve contracts. Get automated notifications when Finance needs to review and sign off on contracts. Speed up contract turnaround by up to 80%, get complete control over spending and growth, and prevent teams from bypassing finance approvals.

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Get Transparent and Quick Value

Gain the most out of your spend

Avoid unproductive expenses by getting all teams to collaborate on contracts within one centralized system. Reduce financial and compliance risks caused by data transfer and manual errors, and avoid holdbacks in contract turnaround with robust reminders and alerts. Build automated scheduled reports that present the information you need to identify quick wins and make data-driven business decisions. 

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