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ContractWorks Featured in Legal Tech Buyer's Guide

Company Updates

ContractWorks is pleased to share that it was recently featured in the 2021 Legal Operations: Contract, Automation & Engagement Management Buyer’s Guide. 

This guide was created as part of The Legal Tech Non-Event, a collaboration between Above the Law and Legal Tech Publishing designed to help busy lawyers adopt the solutions they need to accomplish work more efficiently. The Legal Tech Non-Event covers a range of technology categories, including Contract Lifecycle Management Software, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and more.

The Contract Management Software guide helps in-house counsel and legal ops professionals ensure they have the information needed to identify the right software to optimize their daily operations. Experienced writers from Legal Tech Publishing reviewed the products, then shared their expert insight on what makes each offering stand out, and how they can make a real difference for legal professionals who are being asked to handle significant workloads with limited resources.

Here are some of the highlights of the ContractWorks contract management review, written by the team at Legal Tech Publishing.

ContractWorks makes it easy to manage, create, and sign contracts from anywhere while providing increased contract visibility and reduced risk.

Centralized Contract Management

If you want great insight into where your contracts are, what is inside of them, and how to get contracts signed electronically, check out ContractWorks. The web-based software puts all your documents into a central repository that establishes a single source of truth and enables you to effectively manage, track, and report on contracts and the signing process.

ContractWorks is not out to replace Microsoft Word or other contract drafting and redlining tools. The software aims to complement existing software with a reliable, familiar, and easy-to-use tool.

Tag Team Back Again

If you have numerous tags, it can become challenging to consistently group tags to effectively track and report on contract types. ContractWorks alleviates that by using tag templates to group tags according to contract type, which can reduce the complexity and necessity of tracking and reporting all tags in all contracts.

The ContractWorks AI builds an outline view of every contract based on the contract structure. The software pulls section headers, sub-headers, and more from an interactive outline that allows you to quickly navigate a contract.

ContractWorks brings a whole new meaning to manual tagging because it is easy. Once you create a tag to track and report, that tag becomes an option when reviewing and tagging other contracts.

No-Fuss Contract Signing

When you have a contract ready for signature, you can use ContractWorks to get signatures with its built-in electronic signature feature.

On creation, electronic signature packets include tagged information that is fully reportable in our reports viewer and customizable reports. You can find out how many contracts remain open and unsigned, who sent them out, and when. That reporting eliminates the need to use third-party signature tools with ContractWorks because electronic signatures and reporting are built in and included in your license.

Why Buy ContractWorks?

  • It is affordable, easy-to-use, out-of-the-box software to manage contracts and gain an immediate return on your investment.

  • Get started managing contracts in minutes - not days, weeks, or even months.

  • Store, organize, track, and report on contracts in a central repository with unlimited storage space.

  • Set up and sign contracts anywhere with built-in e-signature.

Click here to read the complete ContractWorks product review, as seen in the 2021 Legal Operations: Contract, Automation & Engagement Management Buyer’s Guide.

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