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Using Data to Drive Legal Department Growth

ContractWorks recently hosted a live webinar with fellow Onit...

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Overcoming Today's Top Contract Management Challenges

Contract management looks a lot different today than it did 12 months...

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KPIs to Measure Your Contract Effectiveness and Efficiency

There are countless KPIs you could implement to evaluate your...

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How Reporting Helps You Get a Handle on Your Contracts

Managing a growing contract portfolio can be an overwhelming...

Reporting & Insight

The Role Procurement Teams Play in Contract Management

Contract management is often thought of as a task reserved primarily...

Case Study

Xeris Pharmaceuticals

See how ContractWorks
helped Xeris Pharmaceuticals
tighten internal controls,
track contract milestones,
and improve stakeholder insight.

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Using Contract Reporting to Improve Supply Chain Performance

Keeping close tabs on your supply chain processes and procedures...

Reporting & Insight

3 Things to Look for When Cutting Costs in Contracts

Many legal teams are responsible for managing contracts that dictate...

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Why Reporting is Critical for Contract Management Success

Contract management is more than organizing your corporate agreements...

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The Value of Analyzing Contracts

Contracts are extremely valuable tools in the business world....

Reporting & Insight

KPIs to Measure Contract Management Performance

Setting, measuring, and reporting on the right contract management...

Reporting & Insight

Assessing the Value of Your Contracts

Measuring contract performance is critical to managing a company’s...