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How Contract Management Software Makes Your Life Easier

Contract Management Software

Are your contracts scattered across various hard drives, desktops, and cloud locations? Have you ever missed a contract milestone or deadline that forced you into a costly and unnecessary renewal? Are you wasting valuable company time and resources creating manual processes to manage your contracts? If any of these sound familiar, it may be time to consider implementing contract lifecycle management software.

When choosing a contract management solution, it is important to find a partner that offers the features, services, and support that fit your specific needs. And while every company is unique and looking for something different, organizations of all shapes and sizes have turned to ContractWorks when they needed CLM software to make their lives easier.

Below are some favorite ContractWorks features and benefits, according to our customers.

Visibility into Your Contracts and Deadlines

Monitoring and tracking critical contract milestones is one of the most fundamental, yet beneficial, reasons to implement a contract management platform like ContractWorks. The ability to see all of your contracts and renewal dates at a glance, and run custom reports on those milestones, can result in significant savings of both time and money.

By effectively managing contract milestones, organizations can minimize the risk of contractual disputes, missed deadlines, and breaches of contracts and optimize their overall contract management process.

Simple, an American bank based in Portland, Oregon, was struggling with effectively monitoring paper contracts until getting up and running with ContractWorks.

“ContractWorks allows us to run custom reports with flexible alert time frames, which has saved us money due to no longer missing renewal dates or opportunities. This combined with time savings has paid for itself, many times over.”

- Devin Poe, Purchasing Specialist



Bringing Simplicity to a Daunting Task

For companies that manage a large volume of contracts, simplicity is key. With low, transparent pricing, quick setup, and a user-friendly interface, ContractWorks contract management is all about offering straightforward, effective solutions to our clients.

LogicMonitor, a SaaS-based performance monitoring platform for modern IT infrastructure, has locations spread throughout North America, the United Kingdom, China, and Singapore, and manages over 10,000 unique contracts. Companies with complex contract management needs like LogicMonitor can greatly benefit by adopting software to help stay organized.

"ContractWorks brings simplicity to the sometimes daunting task of file organization and management. The product is intuitive, and customer support has been an excellent resource."

- Megan Pompa, Executive Assistant


Product Innovation Driven by Customer Feedback

As companies grow, they often look for new or more robust software tools that can help them effectively manage change and operate more efficiently. New challenges arise, sparking the need for new solutions. At ContractWorks, our team understands that your contract management needs change, which is why we are constantly talking with customers to learn what features are most important, and what we can do better.

Advance Health provides industry-leading managed care prospective health solutions and leverages best-in-class technology for greater efficiency, data security, and automation. When they have a new idea, the ContractWorks team is eager to chat.

"ContractWorks is a company that is growing with us, and that is wonderful. We are not worried about growing out of the software. Their team is very amenable to our suggestions and acts on our requests quickly. They take customer feedback very seriously, and quickly find solutions to any problems that may arise."

- Alicia Palmer, General Counsel



Automating a Traditionally Manual Process

When companies reach a certain size, using spreadsheets and other piecemeal solutions to handle business-critical projects can lead to roadblocks that stand in the way of getting things done. Not only are significant dates and milestones often missed with manual tracking, but companies end up wasting valuable time and resources managing this cumbersome process.

Established in 1987, Kinamed, Inc. designs and manufactures implantables and instruments for orthopedics and neurosurgery. As a medical device manufacturing company, Kinamed has a robust IP and patent portfolio that needs to be carefully tracked and managed while remaining HIPAA compliant. With so many patents, licensing agreements, NDAs, and other contracts to manage, Kinamed knew they needed to upgrade their process, and decided ContractWorks Contract Management Software was the best fit.

"If you’re managing something with Excel and there are different stakeholders who care about different things, then you need something like ContractWorks."

- Vineet Sarin, President



ContractWorks Makes You Look Good

The purpose of CLM software is to make your job easier and allow you to quickly find, track, and manage your documents. No matter what features or extra bells and whistles are offered, the bottom line is that you need something that you can implement and start using immediately. The solution you choose should give you more time and resources to focus on running and growing your business.

Ampla Health was founded in 1964 as a medical care project for migrant farm workers under the State Farm Workers Health Service and Migrant Health Act Fund. Because Ampla Health receives funding via reimbursement through the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), the company is required to follow strict federal document maintenance requirements. After looking into a number of contract management software providers, Ampla Health found that other options were either too expensive, included unnecessary features that complicated the platform, or require extensive onboarding and training. ContractWorks met all of their needs, and after a simple, straightforward implementation, Ampla Health began seeing results almost immediately.

“ContractWorks lets me be a showoff. Bam! Here’s your contract, here’s your report, here’s the document you were asking for.”

- Renee Leduc-Pereira, Patient Navigator

Ampla- Logo


When you're ready to simplify your contract management workflow, the ContractWorks team would be happy to provide a product demonstration for you and your team.

The Buyer's Guide to Contract Management Software

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