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Case Study

Technology companies with offices around the world need a way to track critical dates and details connected to everything from their human resources files and operational paperwork to vendor, licensing, and non-disclosure agreements from one central location. In this case study we will discover how LogicMonitor uses ContractWorks to manage their growing company’s contracts.


About LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor is a SaaS-based performance monitoring platform for modern IT infrastructure.

The executive team at LogicMonitor knew that they needed an effective technology solution to add to their company’s resources in order to successfully manage and protect all of their corporate documentation, especially their employee information and non-disclosure agreements. They wanted a solution that was easy-to-use and affordable, that also had the security features necessary to protect their corporate data. They found everything they were looking for in ContractWorks.

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With locations spread throughout North America, the United Kingdom, China, and Singapore, and over 10,000 unique contracts, LogicMonitor needed a solution that would allow them to completely digitize their business’ contracts in a simple and organized fashion.

They also struggled with:

  • Proper organization of multiple contract types
  • The ability to search for specific contract groups 
  • The amount of time wasted looking for contracts

Offices around the world

Struggled finding agreements

Over 10k contracts

Wasted time


The ability to create tags with custom parameters along with a robust security feature set were key factors in LogicMonitor’s decision to use ContractWorks as their contract management software. But, it was the software’s intuitive design and the ability to create custom reports and email alerts for specific key stakeholders that eventually convinced the team that ContractWorks was without a doubt the best solution for their business. LogicMonitor also:

  • Easily manages 10,000+ contracts
  • Saves time by using quick search to locate documents
  • Tags and reports on key document milestones

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Custom tags & reports

Quickly locate documents

Informed stakeholders

Milestone alerts