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Case Study

New technologies in the healthcare industry have the capacity to transform lives, but many organizations struggle to leverage the latest digital innovations in a meaningful way. Because of the proprietary nature of many of the products created to bridge that gap, working with insurance providers, life sciences, and pharmaceutical companies requires diligence, consistency, and security. Failure to maintain strict control over corporate contracts and other critical documents not only threatens the integrity of the digital health firms that work with the healthcare industry, but it also leaves their clients at risk. Lack of clear and comprehensive oversight over all critical documents can lead to revenue losses, missed opportunities, and increased chaos in an already busy workplace.

ContractWorks helps businesses in the healthcare industry by giving them the ability to reduce risk across their organization by giving them an easy-to-use and secure way to sign, organize, track, and report on the information critical to their success.


About Ampla Health

Ampla Health believes engaged patients who take an active role in their health care can lead to healthier lifestyles, which is why the company strives to facilitate easy and open communication with patients. As a network of Migrant and Community Health Centers serving farm-workers and other low-income populations in six California counties (Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Sutter, Tehama, and Yuba), Ampla provides comprehensive primary medical, dental, mental health, and specialty care to an ethnically diverse population that includes migrant and seasonal farmworkers through its 13 medical centers and 6 dental centers. Founded in 1964 as a medical care project for migrant farm workers under the State Farm Workers Health Service and Migrant Health Act Fund, Ampla Health strives to provide the communities it services with high-quality, comprehensive, and community-direct health care that is accessible to everyone.

Because Ampla Health receives funding via reimbursement through the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), the company is required to follow strict Federal document maintenance requirements. Ampla Health must also keep detailed financial records in order to remain compliant with the organization’s federal funding. Finally, budgeting constraints required the organization to keep a watchful eye on costs and income.

With the enactment of new federal rules requiring transparency in contract management for federally funded healthcare providers, Ampla Health needed a solution that allowed their organization to securely host critical documents, including service agreements, insurance certificates, consultant agreements, sales contracts, and hospital partnership or referral agreements. With a small team but an ever-growing customer base, Ampla Health was looking for a simple, economical tool that would allow the company to consolidate critical documents into one system that allowed them to customize access, run reports and audits, and remain compliant with FQHC.

After looking at other contract management software providers that were too expensive, required extensive onboarding and training, or included unnecessary features, Ampla Health chose ContractWorks. Sighting its ease of use, transparent and budget-friendly pricing, scalability, and straightforward implementation, Ampla Health began seeing results almost immediately. 

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With autorenewals and other unaccounted for fees and charges adding up, Renee needed to quickly find a solution that would allow Ampla Health to actively track all of its financial agreements. As she began searching for solutions, it became clear that Ampla Health needed a simple but powerful tool that was easy to implement but still provided the features and functionalities essential to effective contract management. In particular, Renee was looking for:

  • Simple Configuration: While Renee considered many options, she eventually eschewed complicated platforms with costly onboarding, extended training, and time-consuming API integration, in favor of a simpler, easy-to-use solution. “ContractWorks is so easy to use,” she says.

  • Robust Reporting: With a need to track deadlines and outdated contracts, Renee needed a solution that would allow her to run daily reports and easily track documents based on a variety of configurable metrics. “ContractWorks has made the reporting process seamless and keeps the organization aware of deadlines and outdated contracts,” says Renee.

  • Comprehensive Oversight: With an initial goal of uploading over 350 contracts, Renee wanted to create an organized and searchable database. “OCR text search was a dealbreaker,” she says. “I needed to be able to search our document repository quickly to provide answers to my team and stay on top of any action items in our contracts and vendor agreements.”

  • Ease of Implementation: As a team of one and already tasked with multiple responsibilities, Renee was searching for a software that would be quick and easy to implement. “The other options I researched were much harder to use,” she says. “ContractWorks makes it easy to do so many things on a company-wide basis, and my customer support team made it all so fast and simple to get started.”

Budget constraints

Unintended autorenewals

Strict industry requirements

Growing customer base


With the initial implementation of ContractWorks, Ampla Health has already experienced improvements in productivity. Renee has already scanned more than 416 documents into the ContractWorks system, discovering that only 100 of those agreements were currently active.

“It took me about three weeks to input the documents,” explains Renee. “ContractWorks sent me a scanner which loaded the documents right into the software. Now I’m able to run two reports a day, tracking our 90-day contracts and end dates.”

“I share my reports with compliance and risk management, and they love receiving so much detailed and timely data,” she says.

Renee is particularly happy with the centralized and organized contract repository she’s been able to create. With all her critical agreements in one place, Renee can not only track important milestones and other time-sensitive actions, she can also swiftly respond to requests for information from other departments.“I spend 75% of my day in there, managing contracts, and I love working with ContractWorks,” she says. “I'm such a big fan. It makes it easy to do so many things."

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Improved productivity

Automated reporting

Immediately respond to requests

Centralized, organized repository