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About SocialTech

SocialTech's main ambition is to create top-quality, innovative app solutions that bring positive value to users. With millions of people worldwide using products developed by SocialTech, the company has established itself as one of the market leaders in the Social Discovery Industry.


Case Study

The company takes good care of its nearly 800 employees and strives to improve their working conditions. In line with this commitment, SocialTech focuses on getting rid of routine tasks and capitalizing on productivity.

To achieve these goals, SocialTech implemented ContractWorks' contract automation. Our team devised a Q&A contract drafting logic to significantly reduce the time spent preparing service agreements.

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Our project with SocialTech began when we were introduced to a Legal Analyst from the company who shared their specific problem with us. After carefully reviewing the issue, we recommended implementing Q&A contract drafting logic to streamline the preparation of service agreements. During our analysis, we discovered that SocialTech's Legal Department spent up to 40 minutes processing each contract, faced challenges in preparing service agreements in different languages, and dealt with an average of 130 legal documents per month. Additionally, creating templates for each service agreement was a time- and effort-consuming task that blocked higher-value work.

To address these challenges, we presented our contract drafting feature to SocialTech, emphasizing how it could save time and improve efficiency in handling service agreements. We kicked off the collaboration by showcasing a demo of ContractWorks, highlighting its capabilities and advantages, and introducing the three essential stages of the launch process:

  • Problem investigation: We gathered detailed information about SocialTech's legal processes and proposed the implementation of Q&A contract drafting logic for service agreements.
  • Security review: We conducted a meeting with a company Project Manager to assess how our solution would function in a real-world use case, ensuring its security and compatibility.
  • Roll-out: Upon receiving approval from SocialTech, we proceeded to launch the Q&A contract templates, completing the process in just 4 days.

No templates library

40-minute drafting time

130+ agreements monthly

Multilanguage agreements


Our goal was to streamline, expedite, and simplify contracting operations for SocialTech's In-House Legal.

ContractWorks' CLM software showed fast time-to-value for the company, resulting in significant time savings. The solution enabled SocialTech to reduce the time spent on document creation by an impressive 93%, transforming the process from a 40-minute task to just 3 minutes per document. Additionally, the software allowed the company to create service agreements in multiple languages, including Spanish, English, Ukrainian, and Chinese, with live translation capabilities.

The efficiency and speed at which our solution created service agreements generated fast ROI for SocialTech. By automating their contract management processes, the company experienced improved productivity and enhanced operational efficiency.

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Multi-language functionality

3-minute drafting

Roll-out in 4 days

Improved productivity