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About Slack

Slack aims to create a convenient ecosystem for its 119k paid users through integrations that streamline work and automate low-value tasks. Additionally, the company prioritizes the well-being of its 1600 employees by enhancing their work experience and job satisfaction. Eliminating routine tasks and inefficiencies aligns with Slack's core values.


Case Study

The project commenced with an introduction to a legal analyst at Slack. Our team thoroughly reviewed and analyzed the company's contract workflows, pinpointing the Data Processing Agreement (DPA) as the primary area for legal automation. We provided a preview of an integrated contract management system showcasing its potential to expedite Slack's DPA collection process, which was received by the team with utmost enthusiasm.

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Before ContractWorks, Slack’s legal department processed 150+ documents monthly, each taking an average of 30 minutes to draft. The team regularly encountered inaccurately completed Data Processing Agreements, leading to additional correspondence with customers and contract revisions. On top of that, tracking submitted DPAs presented an extra challenge and complicated compliance monitoring.

To kickstart the transformation process within Legal, we recommended the development of a comprehensive self-served workflow for customers that would validate their inputs for errors and inaccuracies. We collaborated with Slack's project manager, who conducted a thorough security review of our proposed solution. With the plans finalized and approved, the implementation and onboarding period took 2 weeks from start to finish.

150+ documents handled monthly

30 min document drafting time

Errors in DPAs

Challenges with contract tracking


ContractWorks’ team created a separate landing page with a fully self-served, customer-facing drafting process, allowing Slack’s clients to enter all the necessary DPA data on their own. With comprehensive validation checks in place, all required fields are verified before securely routing the DPA to the DocuSign eSignature platform, and landing the signed contract in the repository.

ContractWorks' partnership with Slack enhanced the company's legal operations, netting the fast ROI. The integration of ContractWorks sped up DPA collection, improved document organization and storage, and resulted in saving an equivalent of five months and three weeks in manual work per year. This not only led to significant cost reductions, estimated at up to $81,000 per year, but also empowered Slack's legal department to prioritize more high-value, high-risk projects.

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Sped up DPA preparation by 100%

Saved up to $81,000 annually

Saved 5 months and 3 weeks

Centralized document storage