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About Carlsberg

The company strives to take good care of its 41,000 employees across 27 countries. It aims to provide the best working environment by freeing them from routine work that could be automated, among other things. 


Case Study

The project commenced at a conference where ContractWorks’ team met Carlsberg’s General Counsel. Carlsberg’s procurement and legal departments were struggling without the proper CLM software, reporting low contracting velocity and inefficient operations. 

ContractWorks’ team presented a demo of our CLM to Carlsberg’s senior lawyers, IT, and procurement departments – which was met with excitement, particularly with regards to claims automation. Yet for them the critical factor in the decision-making process was the integration of ContractWorks with their existing Client Lifecycle Management system. 

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Upon analyzing their workflow, our team determined that Junior Claims Attorneys were spending an average of 30 minutes on each document. With approximately 300 contract claims per year, this process was time-consuming and prone to human error. Additionally, their existing CLM system lacked the capability for seamless data integration, creating operational roadblocks.

Drafting time: up to 30 min

300+ contract claims processed yearly

Errors in contracts

Poor data integration


It took the ContractWorks team three weeks to fully automate the document drafting process and set up seamless data integration with the company’s legacy CLM system. 

As a result, our platform helped Carlsberg's attorneys save an estimated 88% of their time on document drafting, reducing it from 30 minutes to an average of 3 minutes and 48 seconds per document. Our CLM also minimized human error by validating data inputs. We established seamless integration of claims data with the Client Lifecycle Management system, allowing Carlsberg to save an equivalent of one month’s worth of work each year, and reducing their expenses by up to $11,900 annually.

All of this allowed to fully delegate processing contract claims to logistics vendors to the Logistics team while minimizing compliance risks.

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Integrated with the Client’s software

Saved $11,900 annually

Eliminated human error

Reduced drafting time by 88%