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About DNA Payments

DNA Payments Group offers an intelligent payment ecosystem that encompasses a wide range of services, including card readers, integrated payment solutions, and more. The company supports over 30,000 merchants across the United Kingdom. Established in 2017, DNA Payments Group has grown to employ over 150 people.


Case Study

For a rapidly expanding fintech company like DNA Payments, building an efficient document workflow is crucial to maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic and innovative market. The adoption of ContractWorks' contract management software served as a significant milestone in achieving seamless operational efficiency. Our work commenced by closely examining their contract workflows to gain a comprehensive understanding of their internal and external contract processes.

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DNA Payments had already implemented the Camunda open-source workflow platform, along with data storage and Pipedrive CRM. They were in need of a contract automation solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing toolset. The majority of their contract workflow involved routine merchant and loan agreements, with Sales Representatives spending an average of 30 minutes to draft each document. Each contract required manual legal review, resulting in delays in client onboarding and adversely impacting revenue.

After conducting a thorough analysis, we presented our proposed vision for streamlining DNA Payments' contract workflow, which was approved. The primary objective for DNA Payments was to deliver a seamless onboarding experience for new customers through complete process automation. During the ContractWorks demo with the company's Chief Legal Officer (CLO), we showcased how our solution could be integrated into their existing systems and discussed the positive impact it would have on their business performance. As the individual responsible for all merchant and loan contract reviews, the CLO recognized the clear advantages of ContractWorks' contract automation.

Integration with the existing toolset

30-min document processing

Manual legal review for each contract

Slow processes impacted revenue


We successfully integrated ContractWorks into DNA Payments' existing document workflow systems, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted experience. Through automation, we streamlined their templates and established error-free document drafting processes that no longer require legal review. Consequently, the Sales department gained full control of the contract lifecycle, reducing their dependency on the Legal team and enabling frictionless client onboarding. The time spent on document drafting decreased from 30 minutes to 3.5 minutes, resulting in up to 90% time savings for the creation of merchant and loan agreements using ContractWorks.

As a result, DNA Payments' Sales team now manages contracts 10 times faster and has enhanced visibility into contract performance through ContractWorks' storage and customized reports. The implementation of conditional approval flows ensures timely involvement of the relevant stakeholders in contract approval, reducing the need for extensive legal input and enhancing overall business efficiency.

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Complete contract visibility

Error-free contracting

Seamless client onboarding

90% faster document generation