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About Shulman Rogers

Shulman Rogers has six operating departments: Real Estate, Business & Financial, Commercial Litigation, Tech, Media & Telecommunications, Trusts & Estates, and Contingent Litigation. The firm boasts a team of over 170 employees. In addition, Shulman Rogers provides a legal aid solution called NEXT, specifically designed for first-time entrepreneurs.


Case Study

Shulman Rogers operates on national, regional, and local levels, requiring its lawyers to have access to documents from any geographical location. To address this need, the firm adopted ContractWorks contract management software, which not only provides secure access but also offers a range of other benefits.

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Shulman Rogers' lawyers were spending 40 minutes manually preparing a single contract due to the absence of a digital solution. The lack of a secure online tool meant that redlining work had to be done during in-office meetings, and physical storage was used for document storage.

To address these challenges, we proposed ContractWorks legal contract management software as a solution. After agreeing on the terms and conditions, we initiated the project.

Given the focus on the paperwork needs of the NEXT project, we identified that our solution would primarily be used by in-house Legal and entrepreneurs. Our key objective was to ensure seamless and secure access for both parties. Additionally, our integrated contract software needed to meet all technical requirements for data collection and processing at both federal and state levels.

No automation in place

40-minute drafting time

Work done in-person only


The results of implementing ContractWorks at Shulman Rogers were significant.

Within just two weeks, legal contract automation was fully implemented. We seamlessly integrated the client's database and registers, allowing easy access to necessary information when creating documents for customers or internal use.

Considering the sensitive nature of personal and corporate information processed by Shulman Rogers and NEXT, we prioritized ensuring secure remote access for authorized users. With our SOC-2 Type 2 certification and robust data encryption using TLS 1.2+ and AES-256, the company's data is now protected from breaches or leaks.

We established a system that enables employees to have remote access for collaborative drafting. This empowered every employee to view, draft, or edit documents from any location. To ensure security, we implemented a two-step verification process that grants access only to authorized users.

Additionally, with our fixed-fee plan, Shulman Rogers can now plan its budget without unexpected expenses, providing greater financial stability.

Overall, ContractWorks has provided Shulman Rogers and NEXT with numerous time and cost-saving benefits. The drafting time has been reduced by 95% (from 40 minutes to just 2 minutes), resulting in regular savings of 188.10 lawyer hours and $16,929 annually (a 90% reduction in cost per hour). This allows the firm to focus more on their legal practice and less on paperwork. With ContractWorks, Shulman Rogers and NEXT can easily and quickly create legal and corporate documents on a secure digital platform that effectively manages paperwork across their entire network.

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Secure collaboration system

Save up $16,929 annually

95% faster drafting

No unexpected expenses