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Why You Should Delegate (Some) Contract Responsibilities

Contract Basics

Delegating contract management activities to your non-lawyer professionals has a variety of advantages, but it needs to be planned deliberately and strategically. The right delegation strategy can help your reimagine workflows, empower staff, and alleviate drudgery by delegating legal contract responsibility to non-lawyer team members while still maintaining control and mitigating risk.

Delegation for Lean Operations

New technologies can help your organization streamline tasks and exchange time-consuming administrative responsibilities for more substantive and high-value contributions. With unprecedented control over all your operations, you and your team can track actions across departments, customize access, and monitor workflows.

When developing a delegation strategy, it’s important to establish a framework for implementation:

  • Identify the strengths of the different personnel on your roster

  • Collaborate with the other department to make sure everyone is onboard

  • Choose specific tools that can help your team streamline tasks

Right Document Management Tools and Strategies

With the right combination of teamwork and software solutions, your delegation strategy will allow you and your staff to exchange time-consuming administrative responsibilities for more substantive and high-value contributions. By delegating specific contract tasks to other professionals (or dedicated contract management software), lawyers can devote their efforts to more worthwhile activities for the firm. Instead of wasting time dealing with “fires” that don’t require a JD to put out, your lawyers can spend more hours on billable work.

Lean, effective legal departments must continuously manage duties and tasks so that everyone is operating at their highest potential. While it might seem like a foreign concept at first, offloading legal work and jobs to the “non-lawyer” members of your team can be hugely beneficial. The challenge is to reassign appropriate duties that tap into the skills and experience of your non-legal staff in ways that optimize your time without introducing additional risk.

A Guide to Delegating Contract Responsibility

With A Guide to Delegating Contract Responsibility, you’ll learn how to deliberately and strategically reassign tasks and manage workflows. You’ll also gain insight into how you can deliberately and strategically reassign tasks and manage workflows. Finally, see how delegating functions to non-legal team members will empower your entire organization.

More Time, Better Workflows, Happy Staff

Many organizations' legal departments are in the midst of a fundamental transformation, as employees begin assuming new responsibilities and advanced technologies simplify workflows, enhance accountability, and introduce new efficiencies. Adding a deliberate, strategic delegation plan will not only free up space for your legal department to focus on more substantive projects, but the non-lawyers on your team will also have a better understanding of their roles, responsibilities, limitations, and opportunities.

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The Buyer's Guide to Contract Management Software

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