Minimizing Contractual Risk Through Improved Contract Management Practice

Legal contracts are foundational for companies of any size and industry. By codifying the exact relationship between a business and its customers, contracts place weight behind the promises that both parties make to each other and provide a framework for handling disagreements.

Unfortunately, far too many companies are failing to live up to the best practices and standards of contractual risk management. The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management, for example, estimates that companies lose nine percent of their total revenue every year via poor contract management.

From a complex contracting landscape to scarce investments in good contracting processes, the potential issues that you'll face are significant. The following article will give you an overview of the challenges of contract management and what you need to do to make your processes more efficient and productive.

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Tips for Success On Your Next Vendor Contract Renewal

Just because someone manages contracts for a company doesn’t necessarily guarantee that negotiation comes easily to them. If you don’t feel like you have a natural talent for negotiation, contract renewal can spark feelings of uncertainty. The following vendor contract renewal best practices can improve your chances for success.

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