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New Ebook: The Contracts Checklist for M&A Due Diligence

Risk & Compliance

Mergers and acquisitions are some of the most complicated business events an organization can face. The transaction is complex. There are seemingly endless moving parts to consider. Executives need to integrate or restructure entire business systems, set strategic goals, and assign the right people to direct projects and programs throughout the process. Not to mention that a merger or acquisition often involves transitioning hundreds of employees, and thousands of contracts, which, if neglected, can introduce dangerous risks for the business.

The bottom line is that it’s crucial for all parties involved in a transaction to have the complete picture of the companies they’re doing business with, and understand all of the existing agreements in place. Reviewing the contracts and commitments of a target company is one of the most time-consuming and crucial components of a due diligence inquiry, so it’s imperative to go in with a plan.

We’ve put together a non-exhaustive list of important contract types for those who manage corporate contracts to use as a jumping off point when preparing for an M&A due diligence inquiry. Read The Contracts Checklist for M&A Due Diligence for more. 

Download this Guide for more information on:

  • Contract due diligence pre- and post-transaction

  • Categories of contracts that are important to review and understand

  • Tips for getting started and ensuring success

Download your copy of the checklist now and start preparing for a successful M&A transaction.

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