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The Trouble With Government contract Management Software

Contract Management Software

If you've ever worked in a position where it was your responsibility to manage and track government contracts, then you know all-too-well how much of a challenge this can be. This can turn into an especially frustrating organizational nightmare when you take into consideration the varied range of contracts that often need to be managed by local governments. Factor in the fact that legacy contract management systems are cumbersome and difficult, and it's no surprise that managing government contracts can be such a difficult task.

Challenges and Limitations of Government Contract Management Systems

Chances are, if you have used contract management systems in the past, you're probably all-too-aware of the challenges they present. We've outlined the three major ways in which today's existing legacy systems are not serving governments when it comes to their contract management needs below.


High Cost

First and foremost, legacy contract management software can be extremely pricey, easily costing even a small, local government tens of thousands of dollars per year. That's because these traditional contract management systems typically charge not only substantial implementation fees, but additional costs for each user, ongoing maintenance fees, and more. With these software "solutions," the final price of using the system can add up to substantially more than initially anticipated.


Government agencies of all sizes are looking to cut back on administrative costs and using expensive legacy software with hidden fees is one more area where spend is higher than it should be.

Lack of Security

In addition to being costly, many traditional contract management software programs also lack robust security features. Specifically, most of these programs only have permission-based user roles. While this is adequate for ensuring that the proper contract reaches the propers hands, it does nothing to protect against more sophisticatedo online threats in the form of malware and security breaches. Two-factor authentication, watermarks and other specialized security features should all be used in conjunction with permission-based user roles to augment the security of any government contract management software system.


Limitations with Use

Successful contract management software is used consistently for recording and managing all contract information. However, traditional government contract management systems are complicated and the software can be nearly impossible to use.  This lack of ease also means a lack of control. Software riddled with clunky, unusable features takes an inordinate amount of time to implement and the ongoing use is difficult and cumbersome at best. 


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What to Look for in Contract Management Software

Despite the challenges and limitations of today's "typical" government contract management systems, there are solutions out there for government agencies that need a better option. While comparing some of the different contract management software options available on the market, there are a few key features that are worth looking for.

Ease-of-Use and Intuitive Design

Contract management programs don't have to be clunky. Instead of spending a great deal of time, money, and resources training employees on the system, choose software with an intuitive design. This one choice will reduce or eliminate the need for in-depth training. It should be intuitive enough that employees can figure it out on their own and begin using it right away.


ContractWorks is designed with its user in mind; Its familiar folder-based structure and convenient drag-and-drop uploading options, along with the included 24/7 system support and time-saving features such as "quick search," provides your agency with an easy-to-use program that won't leave you wanting to smash you head against your keyboard.


Easy and Quick Implementation

Another common concern government agencies have when it comes to making a software switch is how much time and money will be required to implement the new program. This is an especially relevant concern for contract management systems, as many government agencies have been using the same programs for years, if not decades. You'll want to search for a contract management program that can be implemented seamlessly and without a great deal of time or effort on your part.


Fortunately, ContractWorks makes implementation quick and easy. No matter how many contracts you have in your current database (whether it be dozens or thousands), the drag-and-drop feature makes it easy and fast to upload them to your new ContractWorks interface. ContractWorks also provides the ability to import your existing contract meta data into they system via spreadsheet in a matter of minutes. 


Unrivaled Security and Privacy

Security problems are one of the greatest concerns government agencies needs to address when it comes to contract management needs. Your existing software likely isn't providing the security features your agency needs and, as a result, could be putting you at risk. As you search for a new contract management solutiom it's vital to find a program that has reliable security and innovative features to keep your government agency's information safe.


With ContractWorks, you can enjoy a number of added security features, including easy-to-use permission roles. Administrators can easily:

  • control which files/folders each user has access to
  • dictate what level of access users have (read-only, editing, downloading, full-access, etc.)
  • add and remove users or change permissions as needed

In addition to permissions features, you can also rest assured that there is no "back door" access for ContractWorks support employees, which reduces your security risk even further.


Two-factor authentication is standard with all ContractWorks accounts and is the number one precaution companies can take to protect against password stealing malware, leading to unauthorized access to their account. Any system that doesn not provide two-factor authentication as an option is a system that is not secure in today's cybersecurity environment.


Significantly Lower Costs

If you're using an existing legacy system, there's a good chance you're already paying tens of thousands of dollars per year on software that's not really living up to its promises. When vetting contract management solutions, you should be looking for something that doesn't include ongoing maintenance fees, user costs, and other frivolous charges.


For a flat rate of $4,800 per year, your agency can begin using ContractWorks. You won't have to worry about being charged any hidden fees, maintenance costs, or additional user authorization charges. The flat rate you pay annually is all-inclusive. 


If you're less than thrilled with your government agency's current contract management solution or process, it may be time to make a change. Save money, increase security, access useful features, and enjoy quick/easy implementation with contract management solutions from ContractWorks. Find out more about what this innovative software can do for your agency by contacting our friendly and knowledgeable team today. Or, try it for free and see for yourself.

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