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Reporting & Insight

6 KPIs to Measure the Performance of Your Contracts

Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, help contract managers measure...

Risk & Compliance

Your Contract Terms Were Violated: What Now?

Contract violations are probably a lot more common than one would...

Contract Basics

5 Sneaky Ways Manufacturing Contracts Get Abused

There likely aren't any manufacturing contracts that allow for...

Contract Basics

What Every Oil & Gas Company Must Know About Contract Management

For years, oil and gas companies primarily utilized production...

Contract Management Software

The Buyer's Guide to Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Let's face it: juggling hundreds of contracts at once isn't most...

Case Study

Xeris Pharmaceuticals

See how ContractWorks
helped Xeris Pharmaceuticals
tighten internal controls,
track contract milestones,
and improve stakeholder insight.

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Storage & Access

Contract Managers and the Importance of Strong Communication

As we previously mentioned, it is critical for companies to closely...

Risk & Compliance

What to Do When a Contract Severely Underperforms

Hopefully, dealing with underperforming contracts is not something...

Contract Basics

Tips for Communication & Transparency In The Contract Drafting Process

Communication and transparency are key in the early stages of the...

Contract Basics

The Importance of Unambiguous Contract Terms: Part 2

In part one of this series, we began our discussion of contract...

Contract Basics

The Importance of Unambiguous Contract Terms: Part 1

Most folks in the contracting world would agree that contract...

Reporting & Insight

Important Elements in Intellectual Property-Related Contracts

Contracts are used to formalize virtually all business transactions....