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Legal Teams of Any Size Can Use Contract Management Software


Whether you’re a team of one or twenty, there are certain challenges every legal department faces, and that’s especially true when it comes to contract management. If your old tools aren’t up to the task, or if you see growth and change hovering on the horizon, now is the time to reimagine your contract management.

A Solution to Fit Every Team

Deploying the right contract management solution can help your organization streamline tasks and exchange time-consuming administrative responsibilities, like manually inputting due dates or searching for contracts in emails and filing cabinets, for more substantive and high-value contributions. No matter whether you’re a small department that is part of a larger corporation, or a team of two or three at a mid-level organization, your legal department has a great deal to gain from adopting contract management software.

Exchange Drudgery for Efficiency

From budgets to best practices, contract management software can help small legal teams do more with less, whether you're a team of one or full-roster. In fact, because contract management software takes away much of the drudgery involved with signing and executing contracts, upgrading your current system can have a positive “ripple effect” across your department and throughout your organization.

Mapping Your Roadblocks

When navigating your contract management software options, it’s important to understand what’s holding you back, and how you can overcome some historical challenges or current roadblocks. When weighing your options, your assessment should focus on:

  • Budget: Learn how to compare high-priced, enterprise-level solutions against simple, contract management software

  • Time: Discover how to overcome implementation fatigue and measure the ROI of switching to a tool

  • Scalability: Articulate future goals and anticipated growth in order to select a contract management software solution that can grow with your organization.

Doing More with Less

Smaller teams often have manpower problems: too many things to do and not enough people. Fortunately, thanks to advancements in automation, small legal departments can get more done without having to add another person to the payroll. In fact, the right contract management software can be a game changer and a force multiplier for small legal departments. Not only does contract management software help the traditional pain points of legal teams’ workflows, but it also makes your organization more efficient and productive in general.

Ready to learn how contract management software can enhance your operations? By better controlling and organizing your contracts, you and your team can track actions across departments, customize access, and monitor deadlines. With ‘Contract Management Software for the Small Legal Team: Why It’s Not Just for the Big Fish Anymore’, you’ll learn how contract management software has evolved and why today’s solutions include options that can fit every legal department’s need, regardless of size or complexity.

Contract Management For The Small Legal Team