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Choosing the Right Legal Technology for Your Organization

Legal Department

Sometimes, managing a legal department can feel a bit like a high-stakes round of whack-a-mole. Clients must be handled. Contracts need to be signed. Payments and finances must be monitored. Above it all, diligent oversight and a proactive strategy must be maintained.

Whether you are a small outfit or a large team working within an even bigger corporate structure, many of the organizational challenges you face can be mitigated and managed by implementing the right kind of technology. As automation software, AI, and other advanced tools emerge, it can be difficult to determine which solutions are the right fit for your team. Thankfully, following a few critical steps can simplify the process and help you find exactly what you need.

Identify Weaknesses and Amplify Strengths

To identify the types of technology that would integrate well within your organizations existing structure and workflow, first determine your areas of weakness and inefficiency. Identify which issues arise most frequently, the cost associated with those issues, and the detrimental impact those issues may have on your organization.  

Vet Your Options

From there, you can more easily decide what capabilities are essential and the level of robustness you will need in whichever technology you choose.  Some important aspects to consider when selecting a software solution or other technology include:

  • Budget - consider whether a monthly subscription is more manageable than a one-time annual payment

  • Security Standards – data is invaluable, so a provider’s security standards must be up to snuff

  • Data and User Limitations – a solution may seem inexpensive, but as more data or users are needed, the costs may begin to climb

  • Tools and Features – decide whether the features offered are ones your company actually wants, needs, and will use

  • Implementation – evaluate how long it will take to implement and start using the solution

  • Support – ideally, around the clock technical support should be available

Empower Your Team

Investing in the right technology involves an expenditure of time and money. Additionally, you may encounter several roadblocks and unanticipated challenges as you begin to incorporate new strategies to your existing workflows. Understanding what will be required combined with a structured, organized approach will help your department make the transition quickly and smoothly.

From contract management software to legal research databases and other discovery tools, the right technology can help you simplify tasks, improve organizational efficiency, and enable your team to work productively and effectively.

To learn more about the best strategies to help your team integrate the right tools to improve workflows and avoid bottlenecks, check out our latest white paper: A Guide to Deploying Technology in Your Legal Department.

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