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4 Ways to Use Automation To Maximize Contract Productivity


To ensure maximal productivity, every facet of a business's operations must have a well-rounded team and the appropriate resources to fulfill the job at hand. Obviously, one of the most critical resources a team will need these days is the right technology. This usually means some type of software or cloud-based business solution that is specifically designed with the particular operation in mind. Automating certain business processes, especially detail-oriented ones like contract management, is crucial to maximizing contract productivity. Here are 4 ways a company can use automation for this purpose:


There is no denying the importance of organization. Every single aspect of scheduling, documentation, and accounting must be planned and monitored, especially with contracts given the significant consequences they can have. In general, automating the contract management process allows for the centralization of a ton of information. This aspect alone can prove valuable in establishing and maintaining an organized portfolio. A centralized operation provides consistent and seamless oversight for every phase of the contracting process, which obviously improves overall productivity.


The word outsource that is being used here does not have quite the same connotation that most people would first assume, as there is no suggestion to shift work outside of the actual company. In this case, contract automation allows many of the more tedious tasks to be outsourced to the technological solution that is selected. For example, keeping track of deadlines and payment schedules can be accomplished by tagging items and setting up alerts. With automation, technology should be handling these kinds of mundane tasks, as the people should be focused on cultivating relationships and performing high level projects that a computer simply cannot replicate.  


Learning to manage effectively can be very difficult for some leaders. It is important to be involved without micromanaging every little detail. The great thing about automating contracts is that it allows for less intrusive supervision. Contract management solutions with report generation tools and audit logs give the primary contract manager the ability to see how things are going. Obviously, if something looks amiss, the manager can easily step in, but there is no need for excessive oversight on a daily basis. This, of course, means that time can be better managed which clearly enhances productivity.


With the time and resources that are saved with automation, the contract management team should be able to spend time on more high level projects. This may mean seeking other contracting opportunities or capitalizing on existing ones by building stronger relationships. There is often a disconnect between the teams that source deals, close deals, and then manage the deals, but this may be a mistake. In many instances, the folks involved in the every day nitty gritty may have a strong sense with respect to making things better or doing things differently. By simplifying the management process via automation, some of this collaboration may be possible and could lead to expansion.

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