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Contract Management Software for Telemedicine Companies

Contract Management Software

Legal teams at telemedicine companies are no strangers to the laundry list of compliance requirements and protocols that must be considered and adhered to at all times. In addition to ongoing changes in healthcare regulations and government policies, there are numerous relationships to manage that impact everything from your technology platforms to your patients' prescriptions.

As important as they are, some of these concerns can be mitigated with the right software solutions in place. Contract lifecycle management software, for example, has the potential to help telemedicine legal departments improve operational workflows and processes, and remain compliant with industry regulations while doing so.

Here are three key benefits to keep in mind for telemedicine companies considering adopting contract management software.

1. More efficient relationship management

No telemedicine company can service patients alone. Whether with hospital networks, government agencies, insurance providers, or technology partners, relationships are critical to the success of the business. More partnerships lead to more contracts that govern those relationships, meaning telemedicine companies likely have a substantial contract portfolio to manage in order for the company to operate effectively. This task is considerably easier and less time consuming with help from CLM solution.

When your contracts are stored, organized, and tagged in a cloud-based repository, you are able to extract information from any contract or vendor agreement much faster than if you were to maintain individual files for each partner in a shared drive or scattered across various computer desktops. Having immediate access to all of the important details of your vendor agreements through a dedicated contract repository - especially as your network of partners continues to grow - makes it much easier to manage your business relationships. 

2. Avoidance of bottlenecks and process delays

One of the core challenges in telemedicine is blending the physical and digital worlds. Patients are happy to see doctors from the comfort of their own homes, but they aren’t happy to wait longer for test results, prescriptions, and other matters that are central to their health and wellbeing.

The good news is that contract management software can help. By establishing the right key performance indicators and taking advantage of the reporting features offered by many CLM software solutions, you can quickly understand and act upon contract performance issues that are negatively impacting your customers - and your business. Whether you have one vendor that isn’t meeting expectations or an entire region that is consistently underperforming, contract reporting can help you diagnose the causes of these issues.

Identifying and correcting issues with vendors and other service partners can not only save your company time and money, but it can also lead to your patients receiving higher quality care.

3. Improved procedures to help ensure compliance

It’s no secret that all healthcare companies are subject to strict laws and regulations, and telemedicine companies are no exception. Failing to comply with industry guidelines can come with harsh penalties, which is why it’s so important that telemedicine businesses implement the right solutions to help you remain compliant.

One of the most significant ways contract management software helps healthcare companies is by providing a simple way to stay ahead of upcoming contract dates and deadlines. One lapsed insurance agreement or a missed opportunity to make changes to a vendor agreement to conform with the latest regulations could lead to avoidable headaches for your legal team.

By setting up custom contract alerts and notifications, you’ll automatically be notified of any upcoming contract milestones that you deem important. Now, you can ensure you’ll have enough time to take preventive or corrective action, whether you need to renegotiate, renew, or cancel an agreement altogether.


Getting contract management right should be a priority for any legal department, but in few industries is the need more pressing than in telemedicine. With the combination of ongoing compliance concerns and growing contract portfolios, telemedicine companies have plenty to gain from adopting a contract management solution to help control your corporate agreements.

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