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Quickly Organize Your Contracts

Organize your contracts quickly without any of the implementation stress of normal contract management systems.

Drag & Drop Uploads

Start implementing your ContractWorks system immediately. Drag & drop allows you to get documents and folders uploaded in minutes.

Central Contract Repository

No more hunting through file cabinets and shared drives- control your contracts in a single system of truth.

A.I. Auto-Tagging

Automatically identify agreement type, parties, effective date, initial term, renewal term, and termination notice window so you can get the data you need, faster.

Keep Ahead of Your Obligations

Having visibility into your contract portfolio helps you avoid risk and make better business decisions. ContractWorks helps with:

Milestone Notifications

Whether for compliance or renegotiating a contract, ContractWorks alerts you of any future date you choose.

Custom Reporting

Create reports on any data-point you choose. ContractWorks allows you to save, schedule, export, and share all reports.

OCR Text Search

When you need to reference a specific contract, it can take hours searching through desktops and shared drives to find it. With our OCR text-based search, you can accomplish this in seconds.

Contract management system with milestone notifications contract management system with custom reporting contract management system with quick search

secure contract management system

Industry-Leading Security

Make your IT department happy. ContractWorks is a contract management system with features custom-built for the security of your data.

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flat-rate contract management system pricing

Low, Transparent Pricing

ContractWorks offers pricing plans that meet the needs and budget of any business, starting at $600/month. Unlimited users, 24/7 support, and data migration are included at no additional charge. 

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"We found many solutions in this space, varying on features and offerings. ContractWorks focused on what we needed, contract management. Others offered many other services we did not need, causing confusion and messy look to the software.”
Alfred Sutton, Director of Supply Chain, LT Apparel Group


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