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ContractWorks Case Study: Esquire Deposition Solutions

Company Updates

Even before adopting contract lifecycle management software, Avi Stadler, Chief Legal Officer at Esquire Deposition Solutions, always kept the company’s contract portfolio extremely organized. But without dedicated software, tracking contract information, searching for specific documents, and reporting on contract data proved to be time-consuming endeavors. All of that has changed since Esquire started using ContractWorks to sign, store, and monitor their agreements.

This blog explores how Esquire Deposition Solutions uses ContractWorks contract management software to improve contract organization, access, and visibility so they can reduce risk and work more efficiently.

About Esquire Deposition Solutions

Esquire Deposition Solutions supports legal professionals around the world through their comprehensive deposition services and state-of-the-art technology solutions. Esquire supports more than 140,000 depositions annually with in-person and remote court reporting, interpreting, audio, and video services. 


Contract Management Challenges

Without the right technology, keeping track of every document in a large contract portfolio can create headaches for even the most organized legal team. And for Esquire’s Chief Legal Officer (and the only lawyer at the company) Avi Stadler, that process involved a significant amount of time spent on manual work to ensure Esquire’s agreements were up to date and on track. 

Creating reports and responding to contract inquiries from other departments also proved to be a difficult task — especially since not all contracts had actually been sent to Avi in the first place. This also created problems and slowed down the process when Avi needed to find and produce documents for litigation or deals.

As Esquire’s only lawyer, Avi played a key role in the company’s hiring process as well. This manual, paper-heavy process of signing, sending, and filing employee agreements made it difficult for Avi to access and review the documentation Esquire needed to collect for every new employee. 

As a busy CLO responsible for adopting a solution to improve Esquire’s contracting practices, Avi knew he had to move quickly, and couldn’t afford to waste time on a lengthy implementation process.

How ContractWorks Has Made a Difference

To Avi's pleasant surprise, he was set up and functional in ContractWorks in a matter of just days. All of Esquire's contracts are now organized, accessible, and searchable within their ContractWorks repository, so Avi — and other authorized employees — can find the documents and key data they’re looking for immediately. This improved contract access has been even more important for the Esquire team as much of their workforce has transitioned to a remote environment.

While adopting ContractWorks started with Avi and the Legal team, Esquire has since expanded their use of the system so departments across the organization can improve the way they manage agreements. Esquire’s IT leader, Real Estate team, Sales Enablement department, Marketing team, and Human Resources are all using ContractWorks to sign, organize, and track their contracts more efficiently. Everything from corporate governance documents and real estate leases to customer contracts and vendor agreements are now stored in one accessible, searchable contract repository.

What Esquire Has to Say About ContractWorks

“ContractWorks was the easiest to understand, easiest to use, and had a lot of the features we needed - at a price that was reasonable. And the implementation was really manageable. Some of the other solutions we looked at the implementation was going to be expensive and take a long time.”

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