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Customer Success Profile: Ampla Health

Company Updates

ContractWorks CLM software helps businesses in the healthcare industry by giving them the ability to reduce risk across their organization by giving them an easy-to-use and secure way to sign, organize, track, and report on the information critical to their success. For Renee Leduc-Pereira, Patient Navigator at Ampla Health, choosing the right option for her team included finding a solution that was easy to use and quick to implement.

“The other options I researched were much harder to use,” she says. “ContractWorks makes it easy to do so many things on a company-wide basis, and my customer support team made it all so fast and simple to get started.”

Digitization for Better Contract Management

After serving its communities for over three decades, Ampla Health had built a considerable database of patient records, contracts, agreements and more. Unfortunately, most of that paperwork was filed and forgotten, making document review and tracking difficult and time-consuming. When it came to the company’s contracts the lack of organization was vividly on display, with missed deadlines and out-of-date renewals costing the organization time and money to resolve.

While new technologies in the healthcare industry have the capacity to transform lives, many organizations struggle to leverage the latest digital innovations in a meaningful way. In particular, it’s difficult for organizations to implement complicated platforms that require costly on-boarding, extended training, and time-consuming API integration. In the case of Ampla Health, Renee knew she needed to quickly find a solution that would allow Ampla Health to actively track all of its financial agreements.

With auto-renewals and other unaccounted for fees and charges adding up, it became clear that Ampla Health needed a simple but powerful tool that was easy to implement but still provided the features and functionalities essential to effective contract management.

“I wear many hats,” says Renee. “I also spend 75% of my day managing contracts.”

“I needed to be able to search our document repository quickly to provide answers to my team and stay on top of any action items in our contracts and vendor agreements.”

One Centralized, Organized, and Trackable Repository

With the initial implementation of ContractWorks, Ampla Health has already experienced improvements in productivity. Renee has already scanned more than 416 documents into the ContractWorks contract management system, discovering that only 100 of those agreements were currently active.

“It took me about three weeks to input the documents,” explains Renee. “ContractWorks sent me a scanner which loaded the documents right into the software. Now I’m able to run two reports a day, tracking our 90-day contracts and end dates.”

“I share my reports with compliance and risk management, and they love receiving so much detailed and timely data,” she says.

Renee is particularly happy with the centralized and organized contract repository she’s been able to create. With all her critical agreements in one place, Renee can not only track important milestones and other time-sensitive actions, she can also swiftly respond to requests for information from other departments.

“ContractWorks lets me be a showoff,” she says. “Bam! Here’s your contract, here’s your report, here’s the document you were asking for.”

To learn more about how Ampla Health was able to leverage the ContractWorks platform for better oversight, robust reporting, and simplified contract management, read our Case Study detailing their selection, implementation, and deployment.

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