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The Contract Management Software Implementation Playbook

All that research, all those training seminars, all those phone calls with sales representatives and on-boarding experts It’s no secret choosing the right contract management software for your organization is a long and arduous process. And yet, after all that effort, many organizations falter during the last critical step: implementation.

So how do you avoid the typical setbacks and obstacles that can delay (or even terminate) adoption of your contract management software? It takes knowledge and a straightforward, clearly defined on-boarding strategy.

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Process Change: Rethinking Your Legal Department's Structure

In today's business landscape, one of the only constants is change. Organizations constantly need to adapt and evolve in order to respond to new market trends and customer demands.

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ContractWorks' New Vice President of Sales: Meet Casey Roberts

SecureDocs, Inc. announced that Mr. Casey Roberts has been named Vice President of Sales. Roberts’ new role places him responsible for overseeing the growth of the SecureDocs, Inc. account management team, ensuring that prospective customers have a tremendous experience from their first point of contact, through the evaluation process, and as a customer.

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