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Avoid Unnecessary Issues
Avoid Unnecessary Issues

Understand your risks

ContractWorks helps you assess the inherent risks in your contracts with features like OCR, advanced search, and Smart Document Tagging to help you quickly and easily find key clauses and specific contract details. Scheduled reporting and alerts keep you on top of your important obligations, while a centralized document repository eliminates the risk of relying on one individual for the knowledge of contract details, creating a single source of truth for your department.

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Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power

Maintain oversight, gain insight.

ContractWorks helps you stay ahead of obligations with features built to keep you in control and in the know. Get a high-level view of all contracts and know their status in seconds. Create reports to track your renewal dates, key clauses, and other custom data points that are most important to your business. Schedule, save, export, and share reports with stakeholders quickly and easily.

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Contact Lifecycle Management Process | ContractWorks
ContractWorks CLM

Contract Lifecycle Management Software Overview

ContractWorks Contract Lifecycle Management Software (CLM) simplifies and streamlines contract management tasks associated with contract execution, storage, tracking, reporting, and ongoing management from within the contract repository.

Establishing a single system of truth for corporate contracts and other documents of record allows legal teams to automate repeatable tasks, saving time and improving accuracy when managing contracts. ContractWorks contract lifecycle management software also increases contract visibility resulting in actionable insights to help mitigate risk, increase efficiencies, monitor costs, and stay ahead of contract obligations.

CLM benefits include:

  • Controlling contract execution
  • Templatizing standard language agreements 
  • Accelerating access to specific contract language
  • Expediting contract review for renewal or termination
  • Systematizing contract monitoring and reporting 
  • Strengthening document security and compliance

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