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About WilsonHCG

WilsonHCG is a global talent solutions provider headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Over 1,000 employees work together to support clients across six continents and more than 65 countries in 50+ languages, by helping them attract, engage, and retain the talent needed to thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape.


Case Study

Any team that has had to use multiple systems and manual processes to manage contracts knows just how frustrating it can be. Downloading and uploading documents from one system to the next to perform various contract tasks leads to wasted time and inefficient operations. WilsonHCG was dealing with a similar problem using a combination of SharePoint and DocuSign to manage and sign contracts, and eventually decided it was time for one solution that could handle all of their contract management needs.

ContractWorks gives the team at WilsonHCG a simple way to manage their agreements, send them out for signature, and run reports to understand how their contracts are performing and what important milestones are approaching. And because every ContractWorks account includes unlimited users, WilsonHCG has been able to provide every department with access to the contract information they need, including HR, Legal, Finance, and Sales.

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After struggling to manage contracts efficiently with manual processes and a combination of software solutions, Kimberly Golder and her colleagues at WilsonHCG needed a better way to manage, track, and report on their client contracts.

Within the HR department, Kimberly is constantly sending out contracts and other documents for signature, including offer letters, candidate contracts, employment letters, and client agreements. To produce the reports she needed to share with executives, Kimberly was spending time every week piecing together information from various systems, adding extra work to her already busy schedule.  

  • Have to deal with multiple systems to manage documents, meaning wasted time downloading and uploading contracts
  • Don't have the ability to report on contract details and performance
  • Manual process slowing the team down

Multiple solutions

Wasted time

Slowed by manual processes

No reporting capabilities


The WilsonHCG team has transformed the way they manage contracts, and eliminated the manual, time-consuming processes that were slowing them down. They now have a central contract repository, streamlined processes, insight into their agreements, and confidence knowing every person across the company has access to the contracts and information they need.

P&C Team Lead Kimberly Golder, and other members of the WilsonHCG team, can now complete contract tasks in less time, so they can dedicate more attention to strategic initiatives. In fact, Kimberly has been able to reduce the time she spends on weekly reporting by 87%. They also have confidence that all of their contracts are organized and tagged with the appropriate metadata, so they can easily find and report on any important contract details.

Picked up the system quickly and continue finding new ways to use it

“I found it pretty easy to learn how to use the system. The one-on-one training and support team availability was great to work through any gaps early on. The quick online training sessions have been great for refreshers and learning new offerings.”

Can count on timely, reliable support

“The support team has been amazing! They are so quick to respond and resolve any issues or questions.”

Standardized and streamlined the process of sending out documents for signature

“The templates make sending standard documents a breeze. Having the filing system as part the signing tool means there is no more downloading and re-uploading to do!”

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40 active users

87% less time on reporting

Improved organization

Greater insight