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About Cedar Band Corporation

Cedar Band Corporation (CBC) is a tribally-owned technology company with headquarters in Cedar City, Utah, and regional offices in Washington DC, Maryland, and Ohio. CBC provides IT, telecommunications, and staffing solutions to Federal agencies and commercial industries through a family of award-winning, branded service companies. And with more than 20 years of strategic and technical expertise helping clients design, build, and implement business solutions — they know how to generate real results.


Case Study

As a world-class service provider, CBC manages many contracts — and some of them are quite complex. Before ContractWorks, Financial Controller Ean Jacomb and the CBC team used folders on their network server to manage these contracts and confidential documents manually. But the server wasn’t browser-based, so it limited accessibility. And to make matters worse, the folders were not easy to keep organized, so finding important documents quickly was near impossible.

Manually tracking the critical information and important dates on each contract was inefficient and time-consuming. The team knew they needed a better way to manage their contracts, and when they nearly missed the deadline to renew a $2M government IT contract, finding a solution became a top priority.

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The government and corporate contracts CBC manages frequently change, making it a challenge to keep the most current version handy over time. What’s more, these contracts are often 40-50 pages long, making it difficult to find critical dates and information quickly — which is precisely why the CBC team almost missed the renewal date for that $2M contract. That’s when they decided it was time to find a better way to manage their contracts. 

They needed a solution that would:

  • Keep their documents organized 
  • Notify them of upcoming renewals and other important dates
  • Eliminate the time wasted manually searching long documents for key information 
  • Make contracts easily accessible to all authorized team members 

They evaluated several options but ultimately chose ContractWorks because of the organizational structure, ease of use, and tagging and reporting features.

Long, complex government contracts

Lacked contract access and visibility

Overlooked key dates for $2M+ contracts

Struggled to find information quickly


Using ContractWorks has enabled Cedar Band Corporation to completely transform its contract management process. Now, the whole team can easily find what they need when they need it

From start to finish, it took about three weeks to implement ContractWorks and onboard their existing contracts by adding tags and setting up notifications. The simple user interface and convenient drag-and-drop feature made it easy for the whole team to be up and running with the new process almost immediately.

The cloud-based server ensures that every team member who needs to access contracts can do so easily — and the tagging feature allows them to find specific information quickly, even in the longest, most complex documents. And notifications ensure they’re alerted to important dates and deadlines well in advance. 

How have those alerts helped the CBC team? To qualify for that $2M government IT contract, CBC had to first comply with a program called 8A through the Small Business Administration. That program runs for nine years, and was coming up for renewal just weeks before the government IT contract. Ean and the team received an automated alert three months before the 8A contract was set to expire, giving them plenty of time to take action and ultimately secure the $2M contract renewal. 

And because they’ve found ContractWorks to be so useful for managing their contracts, the CBC team has also started using it to store and manage other confidential documents like board meeting minutes and HR information.

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Fully implemented in 3 weeks

Eliminated manual search

Automated alerts for $2M+ contracts

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