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About Arricano

At the time of publishing, Arricano managed 5 shopping malls. The company has a strong management team, which consists of international experts with long-standing track records in property management. However, like many other real estate companies, Arricano Real Estate (ARE) faced challenges in managing complex contracts due to employee overload and lack of collaboration between business units. With the assistance of ContractWorks, Arricano successfully tackled this issue, transitioning from time-consuming manual contract drafting to fully automated contract management processes.


Case Study

Our work with Arricano started when we met with their Head of Legal and looked into their daily operations. We discovered that most of their document workflows were manual, and the company had concerns about their ability to keep up with the highly competitive and innovative market. Recognizing the need for digital transformation, Arricano embraced the idea of integrating new technology into their business processes. 

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We started our work with Arricano by thoroughly reviewing their workflows to identify the existing bottlenecks. It became evident that the company faced challenges in handling a significant volume of operational, marketing, and legal documents on a manual basis. The absence of automation resulted in employees spending 40 minutes to 1.5 hours processing contracts, leading to delays in delivery and negatively impacting the company's reputation. Additionally, the small legal department was overstretched while having to balance high-value requests with massive amounts of repetitive manual work.

Manual contracting

Up to 1.5 hours processing time

Delays compromising company reputation

Limited legal team capacity


When we started working with Arricano, ContractWorks took a step-by-step approach, beginning with the automation of operational and marketing document templates. It took 7 days to roll out ContractWorks solutions for Arricano. Following the implementation, we conducted onboarding training sessions to ensure that the company's users could fully leverage the capabilities of ContractWorks. Arricano’s Head of Legal was excited about the level of our customer service, the capabilities of their new contract drafting system, and the fast operational uplift. 

Over time, Arricano entrusted us with a more complex task of automating the entire contract lifecycle of their lease agreements. 

Throughout the years of our partnership we grew together, and continue to do so today. The partnership with Arricano has set the idea and feedback loop into motion, which resulted in a multitude of product updates and fueled our continuous improvement cycle. 


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Data auto-pulled into new contracts

Questionnaire-based templates

Limited Legal involvement in drafting

10x faster drafting