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Case Study

Like many companies with a growing contract portfolio, Annkissam reached the point when their manual contract management processes and spreadsheets were no longer robust enough to meet their needs. The company was growing quickly and adding a high volume of new clients, which created more contracts and more milestones and dates to track and manage. It was clear that dedicated contract management software was needed for the Annkissam team to operate efficiently and effectively manage their rapid growth.

ContractWorks provides Annkissam with a simple, user-friendly contract management solution to execute, organize, and manage their corporate agreements. And the level of customer support Annkissam has experienced continues to exceed expectations.


About Annkissam

Since 2007, Annkissam has been helping people who are aging or have disabilities thrive in their homes and communities by providing robust software for Home and Community-Based Services providers so they can do more with less. Their affordable, high-quality software streamlines complex and ever-changing operations so that their clients can help individuals flourish at home instead of in nursing homes or institutions. 

Annkissam has earned numerous awards and accolades in the Boston area and beyond, including being named the Boston Globe’s #1 Place to Work, one of the Boston Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Companies, and one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest-growing Companies.

To keep up with Annkissam’s rapid growth, Contract Manager Kay Holley needed to move away from cumbersome spreadsheets and inefficient piecemeal tools and started the search for a dedicated contract management solution that would make it easier to track contract deadlines and find answers to contract-related questions. After six months of shopping and comparing software and providers, Kay decided that ContractWorks’ low, transparent pricing for unlimited users would have the greatest impact on Annkissam’s contract management process.

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Before finding and implementing ContractWorks, Annkissam had been using a spreadsheet to keep track of all their client contracts, a common practice for businesses without dedicated contract management software. But as they continued to grow and add clients and agreements, it became more and more challenging to track all of the milestones and key dates within those contracts.

Additionally, Annkissam’s team of account managers didn’t have an easy way to access the details of their client agreements, which wasted employee time on tasks that could be simplified significantly with the right contract management software. These issues pushed Annkissam to start looking for contract management software to help streamline and optimize their contract management process.

  • Growing contract portfolio that can no longer be effectively managed with spreadsheets
  • Need a better method for tracking contract deadlines and expiration dates
  • Finding answers to contract-related questions can not be accomplished quickly
  • Dozens of project managers need to access contracts related to their clients

Needed to improve access

Spreadsheets stopped working

Struggled to track milestones

Wasted employee time


Annkissam’s Contract Manager Kay Holley is now in complete control over their growing contract portfolio, and has the tools and processes needed to ensure that she’s always out in front of critical contract deadlines and expiration dates. Annkissam has taken advantage of the unlimited users pricing model and fully integrated ContractWorks across their organization, with about 50 employees actively using the system to access client contracts. And while Annkissam currently uses ContractWorks to execute and organize their contracts with clients, they plan to expand their use moving forward to house all agreements within the software, including office management contracts, vendor agreements, and more.

  • With ContractWorks’ unlimited users pricing model, about 50 Annkissam employees use ContractWorks without having to worry about additional fees when new users need access
  • Users can easily find answers to questions about specific contracts, and reporting features provide insight into the entire contract portfolio

“ContractWorks reporting capability allows me to search and find the answers to any contract related questions that may arise in minutes. This is far more efficient than our old spreadsheet.”

  • The built-in electronic signature features allows Annkissam to quickly and easily execute contracts without having to integrate third-party signing solutions

“I have been using ContractWorks since the introduction of the e-signature tool and am impressed with its quick development and continued improvements. This feature alone saves me time and eliminates frustrating workarounds.”

  • Found a contract management software provider that is easy to work with and provides exceptional customer support

“When I set up a new user at Annkissam, I always say that they should not hesitate to call the ContractWorks 800 number both to get questions answered and to experience excellent customer service!”

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Sign contracts quickly

Locate information immediately

Stay in front of key dates