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Case Study

Healthcare organizations are required to maintain strict control over their corporate contracts and other critical documents of record. Failure to do so could put the entire organization at risk of failing to comply with numerous regulations, causing loss of business, loss of revenue, and increased chaos in an already busy workplace.

ContractWorks gives businesses in the healthcare industry the ability to reduce risk across their organization by providing them with an easy-to-use and secure way to sign, organize, track, and report on the information that is critical to their success.


About Advance Health

Advance Health provides industry leading managed care prospective health solutions. They leverage best-in-class technology for greater efficiency, data security, and automation. It is the combination of their proprietary mobile workflow technology and highly experienced, dedicated care providers that yields outstanding program results and better outcomes for their clients and their health plan members. 

In the past two years, Advance Health has more than doubled in size both internally and in the members they serve. Along with their continued growth and success has come a mountain of critical documentation that must be organized and tracked in order to comply with strict industry regulations, as well as to secure the success of the company's bottom line.

After looking at other contract management software providers that were too technical, too complex, and full of features the General Counsel and IT department knew they did not need, Advance Health quickly decided that ContractWorks was the best fit for their organization. It was easy to get up and running, didn't require extended training, could be used across multiple departments, and most importantly offered a simple way to organize, secure, search for, track, and report on a variety of information that is critical to Advance Health's business.

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Most of Advance Health's challenges arose from the speed at which the company scaled their business. Their previous process was set up in a way that no longer served the organization at its current state. With the addition of a new general counsel they knew it was time to search for a solution that could help them get organized quickly, but they didn't want to spend significant time or money to get a system up and running, and needed it to be intuitive to use.

So, the new general counsel at Advance Health and their IT department set out to find a solution that would meet all of their organizational needs. Here were a few of the main non-negotiables that a new system needed to solve:

  • Advance Health grew quickly, and found that they were wasting time and money searching through an antiquated spreadsheet for contract information and other critical documents being stored across multiple hard drives, filing cabinets, and desktops. With their growth they needed a way to store all of their information in a single, searchable repository.
  • They were missing expiration dates on various vendor and customer contracts, and needed a system that would alert them prior to this happening in order to avoid loss of revenue, and other legal ramifications.  
  • With multiple departments needing information from various contracts at different times the general counsel was wasting time pulling data points ad hoc, and needed a way to automatically grant individuals different levels of access to documents of interest.

Rapid company growth

Missing expiration dates

Wasting time with spreadsheets

Siloed contract information


Since implementing ContractWorks, Advance Health has been able to completely organize and gain control over their corporate contracts. ContractWorks has also allowed them to remain ahead of documents with upcoming expiration and renewal dates by utilizing automated notifications and alerts, an added bonus that has saved them both time and money. 

In addition to the intended use of the system, the benefit of implementing ContractWorks has extended far beyond the legal department at Advance Health. Shortly after adopting ContractWorks, the company's busy "on-boarding team" determined they needed a way to manage all new employee documentation. This consisted of everything from traditional hiring documentation to tracking critical dates around their employees' valid medical license dates, vehicle information, Medicaid and Medicare information, and more.

Today, Advance Health remains confident in their decision to choose ContractWorks as their contract management software. It has given them an effective way to collect the data they need in order to understand where the gaps are in their contracting processes, sheds light on missing critical information (like documents requiring counter-signatures), and is consistently adding features to advance the solution. 

Advance Health's next steps in using the software include using the built-in electronic signature feature to execute signature documents that require multiple signers who are in different physical locations, as well as to utilize the advanced reporting features to expand insights into their business.

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Gained control

Improved insight

Saved time & money

Used by multiple departments