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Meet Tara Naughter, Marketing Campaign Manager at ContractWorks

Company Updates

At ContractWorks, our employees come from a variety of experiences and backgrounds, each with a unique set of skills and talents that align with our overall mission of providing simple, smart document management solutions.

We’re proud of the team we’ve assembled, and we think it’s about time you get to know the people that are innovative, agile, and committed to fulfilling the needs of our customers.

This month we’re catching up with ContractWorks' Marketing Campaign Manager Tara Naughter. With previous experience in graphic design, teaching, and real estate marketing, Tara has an extensive and dynamic background.

Getting to Know Tara 

How long have you been at SecureDocs, Inc.*?Tara_headshot (1)

In August, I will have been at SecureDocs for 3 years.

What were you doing prior to joining ContractWorks?

Prior to joining the ContractWorks CLM team, I worked in marketing in both commercial and residential real estate. I also had my own freelance graphic design business. Earlier in my career, I worked for an education website and was an elementary school teacher.

What do you love about what you do?

I love that every day differs, and that there is always something new and engaging to work on. I also like that the nature of my work challenges me to use all my knowledge and skills to help drive results for our marketing program. I am a people person, so I truly enjoy the team-oriented environment that SecureDocs, Inc. offers.

Why do you think what you do is important to the overall goals of ContractWorks?

Many have said that marketing is the heart of successful businesses and I believe that to be true. Marketing contributes to engaging current customers and attracting new ones. Everyone in the marketing department including myself is goal oriented. We keep the goals of the company at the forefront of our work and are constantly measuring the success of our campaigns against those goals. We focus on work that helps to achieve objectives that help to drive our business forward.

What excites you most about the future of ContractWorks?

SecureDocs, Inc. is a forward thinking company and in the last 3 years, I have seen the company innovate, change, and grow. We keep an active ear to the feedback our customers provide to help shape the offering and features of both products. It has been exciting to watch that innovation happen and to be a part of the journey, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Final thoughts

What’s your favorite quote?

“Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is a Mystery. But Today is a Gift, That’s why they call it the Present.” -Master Oogway

What is your next adventure?

I will be headed to Seattle for a family wedding this summer. I have never been, so I am excited to explore the largest city in the Pacific Northwest!


*Located in Santa Barbara, CA, SecureDocs, Inc. includes two highly successful and innovative products – SecureDocs and ContractWorks – that help businesses work quickly, efficiently, and securely.

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