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Making Healthcare Contract Management Efficient & Effective

Contract Management Software

Are your contracts scattered across various hard drives, desktops, and cloud locations? Have you ever missed a contract milestone or deadline that forced you into a costly and unnecessary renewal? Are manual contract management workflows exposing your company to unnecessary risk or making it difficult to keep up with compliance requirements? If any of these sound familiar, it may be time to consider implementing contract lifecycle management software.

When choosing a contact lifecycle management solution, it is important to find a software partner that offers the features, services, and support options that fit your specific needs. And while every company is unique and looking for something different, healthcare organizations of all sizes have turned to ContractWorks when they needed CLM software to improve business operations. 

Below are some favorite ContractWorks features and benefits, according to customers in the healthcare industry.

Simple, Straightforward, and Easy to Use 

The purpose of contract management software is to make your job easier and allow you to quickly find, track, and manage your documents. No matter what features or extra bells and whistles are offered, the bottom line is that you need a solution you can implement and start using immediately. The CLM software you choose should give you more time and resources to focus on running and growing your business.

Ampla Health was founded in 1964 as a medical care project for migrant farm workers under the State Farm Workers Health Service and Migrant Health Act Fund. Because Ampla Health receives funding via reimbursement through the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), the company is required to follow strict federal document maintenance requirements. After looking into a number of contract management software providers, Ampla Health found that other options were either too expensive, included unnecessary features that complicated the platform, or required extensive onboarding and training. ContractWorks met all of their needs, and after a simple, straightforward implementation, Ampla Health began seeing results almost immediately.

Ampla Health quickly began experiencing improved productivity after scanning and uploading hundreds of contracts into ContractWorks, enabling them to track important milestones and other time-sensitive actions, and run custom reports to share detailed, timely data with their compliance and risk management teams. With all of their critical agreements in one place, the Ampla Health legal team can also swiftly respond to requests for information from other departments.

“ContractWorks lets me be a showoff. Bam! Here’s your contract, here’s your report, here’s the document you were asking for. I spend 75% of my day in there, managing contracts, and I love working with ContractWorks. I'm such a big fan. It makes it easy to do so many things."

- Renee Leduc-Pereira, Patient Navigator

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Built-in Electronic Signature to Expedite Contract Processes

Healthcare companies are responsible for managing many types of corporate agreements, including contracts with their physicians and caretakers, service providers, equipment vendors, building owners, and others. For organizations that employ hundreds of doctors and nurses and care for thousands of patients across dozens of facilities, it’s easy to see how details of a specific contract could be overlooked or an individual contract could get hung up in the signing process sitting in a stack of papers on an executive’s desk.

Catholic Health Services (CHS) of the Archdiocese of Miami is one of the leading Catholic health care providers in South Florida, operating 38 facilities and serving over 7,500 people annually. They provide a full continuum of services throughout Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, specializing in rehabilitation, long-term care, assisted living, home health care, early education and child care, low-income housing and hospice for seniors.

Catholic Health Services traditionally operated using manual processes, paper copies of contracts, and wet signatures, but with some changes in company administration came an opportunity to re-evaluate practices and procedures. Their new Chief Operating Officer challenged his team to find and implement a better way of managing and approving agreements, but certain criteria had to be met - the software needed to be cost efficient, include a way of signing and approving contracts electronically, and be user friendly to promote employee adoption.

Now that they are equipped with ContractWorks and 10 electronic signature licenses, the team at CHS is seeing their contracts flow through the signing process faster than ever before. In fact, they estimate that their signing process time has been cut in half since implementing ContractWorks, and now takes just one week for all parties to sign off on an agreement instead of two. Not only does the electronic signature feature greatly reduce the time it takes for a contract to get approved, but it provides their legal team with visibility into their agreements and processes so they can identify strengths and weaknesses and find potential areas of improvement - and quickly answer any questions that arise about the status of a contract.

“Routing contracts electronically is so much more efficient on my end. I route the invoices that need corporate approval as well and that’s been a dream come true. I’m happy!”

- April Ricciardi, Materials Management Contract Administrator

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Product Innovation Driven by Customer Feedback

As companies grow, they often look for new or more robust software tools that can help them effectively manage change and operate more efficiently. New challenges arise, sparking the need for new solutions. At ContractWorks, our team understands that contract management needs change, which is why we are constantly talking with customers to learn what features are most important, and what we can do better. 

Advance Health provides industry-leading managed care prospective health solutions and leverages best-in-class technology for greater efficiency, data security, and automation. Over the past few years, Advance Health has more than doubled in size both internally and in the members they serve. Along with their continued growth and success has come a mountain of critical documentation that must be organized and tracked in order to comply with strict industry regulations, as well as to secure the success of the company's bottom line. 

Since implementing ContractWorks, Advance Health has been able to completely organize and gain control over their corporate contracts. ContractWorks has also allowed them to remain ahead of documents with upcoming expiration and renewal dates by utilizing automated notifications and alerts, an added bonus that has saved them both time and money.

When the team at Advance Health has a new idea, ContractWorks is eager to chat.

"ContractWorks is a company that is growing with us, and that is wonderful. We are not worried about growing out of the software. Their team is very amenable to our suggestions and acts on our requests quickly. They take customer feedback very seriously, and quickly find solutions to any problems that may arise."

- Alicia Palmer, General Counsel



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