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ContractWorks: The Who, What, And Why

Company Updates

Welcome to the ContractWorks blog! We will be posting items here that are pertinent to our market niche, contract management, as well as other relevant business matters. Before we dive right into those topics, we wanted to briefly introduce ContractWorks: who we are, what it is we do, and why we decided to do it.

Who We Are

ContractWorks is part of SecureDocs, Inc., the California-based company that created and launched SecureDocs Virtual Data Room. In case you aren’t familiar with our sister product, SecureDocs Data Room is a software service that changed the landscape of the virtual data room (VDR) market, and it continues to be a leader in the VDR space. Now, SecureDocs, Inc. has expanded its software offerings by launching ContractWorks, a contract lifecycle management software solution.

The SecureDocs, Inc. team has been involved with the SaaS space for quite some time now and has participated in the development and launch of several other products, such as GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, Rightscale, and AppFolio. This is a space that our team knows and loves, and we are always striving to raise the bar.

What We Do

SecureDocs, Inc.’s mission, broadly speaking, is to create practical, efficient, and affordable business solutions for companies ranging in size and sector. Our VDR allows companies to store and share documents safely and securely. Now, ContractWorks will allow companies to keep better track of their contracts without having to rely on cumbersome spreadsheets or complicated systems. Basically, what we do is design solutions that help businesses function more efficiently without compromising the security of company data or costing a fortune (or at least that is what we hope we are doing).

Why We Do This

As SecureDocs, Inc. grew its client base for its VDR service, the executive team listened to the needs and concerns of its clients, many of whom are the founders of startups and leaders of rapidly growing and successful businesses. As expected, many companies are concerned about the safety and privacy of their data (hence our highly secure VDR). And of course, businesses are always seeking to streamline different business processes, such as document retention and contract management. Overcomplicated processes and systems can bog down a lot of companies, diverting resources and affecting the bottom line.

So, in light of our mission, our team decided to tackle the issue of overly-tedious contract management processes (and overly-expensive contract management solutions). In a nutshell, our team developed a reasonably priced software service that simplifies contracting, enables collaborative contract management, protects data, and is quick to implement and easy to use. Our hope is that the businesses that decide to use ContractWorks contract management can spend less time worrying about managing contracts with massive spreadsheets and a large amount of contracts scattered in various places and more time on the things that will make the business successful.

We're glad to have you here. Check back often for new posts, and while you're at it, subscribe to our blog!

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