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ContractWorks Tops G2 Crowd Ratings in 5 Categories

Company Updates

Here at ContractWorks, we're pleased to announce that we have once again been named a leader in the Contract Management category on the G2 Crowd website. The ContractWorks software is currently at the top of five different categories in G2 Crowd's fall 2018 reports. So what do these awards mean, and why is receiving this honor so important to us?

What is G2 Crowd?

G2 Crowd is a platform where business users can leave reviews of enterprise software and services. With more than 381,000 user reviews currently on the site, G2 Crowd is frequently used to help enterprise customers make smarter, better purchasing decisions based on the opinions of businesses like them.

From investors to analysts, a variety of business professionals—more than 1 million people every month—use G2 Crowd to find the information they need in order to evaluate their options for enterprise software.

ContractWorks G2 Crowd Ratings

According to users on G2 Crowd, ContractWorks is ranked at or near the top of five different categories for fall 2018. The ContractWorks software currently enjoys an average G2 Crowd rating of 4.9 out of 5.

G2 Crowd user ratings helped us earn high scores in the following five categories:

  • Overall Satisfaction (Overall Grid)

  • Overall Satisfaction (MM Grid)

  • Relationship Index

  • Relationship Index MM

  • Usability Index

In addition, we received above-average ratings for multiple G2 Crowd categories:

  • Quality of Support: 98 percent, compared to the category average of 86 percent

  • Ease of Setup: 93 percent, compared to the category average of 80 percent

  • Ease of Administration: 95 percent, compared to the category average of 85 percent

Finally, ContractWorks received stellar ratings of 97 percent for "Ease of Doing Business With" and 96 percent for "Ease of Use."

Why Are G2 Crowd Ratings Important?

To achieve these highest rankings on five different G2 Crowd reports, the ContractWorks CLM software had to receive positive reviews from verified users who made comparisons with similar contract management solutions. Ten or more reviews are required for a product to be included in the G2 Crowd report, and all reviewers must be business professionals.

The high ratings for ContractWorks contract management on G2 Crowd are proof positive that our customers are delighted to use our software.

"Rankings on G2 Crowd reports are based on data provided to us by real users," said Michael Fauscette, chief research officer at G2 Crowd. "We are excited to share the achievements of the products ranked on our site because they represent the voice of the user and offer terrific insights to potential buyers around the world."

Final Thoughts

Not only are the G2 Crowd ratings a reward for our employees' hard work, but they also inspire us to keep making improvements. Our client-first mentality pays off every time we see our customers giving us top marks, and it's always highly rewarding to see customers appreciate all the effort that ContractWorks put into our CLM software in order to reach the top of our industry. These awards encourage us to continue prioritizing our customers in our commitment to delivering top-notch contract management software.

To find out what makes ContractWorks so special for dozens of satisfied customers, check out our reviews on the G2 Crowd website.

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