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ContractWorks: G2 Crowd's Top Contract Management Software

Company Updates

Communication. That’s the driving force that motivates the entire ContractWorks team, from sales and marketing to product development to customer service. By encouraging feedback and working hard to develop strong relationships with our clients, ContractWorks CLM software is always innovating and updating with one eye on “what can we do?” and another on “what do our customers need?”

Because we remain focused on providing value and usability, it’s always gratifying to see our efforts pay off. Recently, ContractWorks was once again recognized as a top provider of contract management software based on user satisfaction, according to G2 Crowd, and we couldn’t be prouder.

What is G2 Crowd?

G2 Crowd is a platform where business users can leave reviews of enterprise software and services. With over 380,000 user reviews currently on the site, G2 Crowd is frequently used to help enterprise customers make smarter, better purchasing decisions based on the opinions of businesses like them.

From investors to analysts, a variety of business professionals — more than 1 million people every month — use G2 Crowd to find the information they need in order to evaluate their options for enterprise software. The products satisfaction score is determined by G2 Crowd’s proprietary algorithm that takes into account real-user satisfaction ratings based on Review data.

Topping the List

ContractWorks is a top performer for many user satisfaction scores, including Ease of Use, Meeting Requirements, and Ease of Doing Business. Our customers consistently tell us that our simple, intuitive user-interface is one area where ContractWorks stands above other contract management software providers, so our team is thrilled to see this reflected on the G2 Crowd platform.

It’s About You

Our client-first mentality pays off every time our customers give us top marks, and it's always rewarding to see that our clients appreciate all the effort that we put into ContractWorks contract management software in order to reach the top of our industry.

“We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and always making sure our innovative spirit aligns with their needs and wants,” said Will Reynolds, CEO at ContractWorks. “It’s inspiring to see how much our clients value our hard work and customer-focused product development.”

Not only are the G2 Crowd ratings a reward for our employees' hard work, but they also inspire us to keep making improvements. These awards encourage us to continue prioritizing our customers as we continue to create top-notch contract management software.

To find out what makes ContractWorks so special, check out our reviews on the G2 Crowd website.

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