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ContractWorks By The Numbers: Best Practices

Company Updates

When setting up customer accounts and in fielding customer service inquiries, we hear some questions repeated frequently. In response to requests from our customers regarding best practices, we did some number crunching.  Below is benchmarking data on how our customers are managing their contracts. Use it to measure yourself against other contract managers and the features they utilize within Contractworks:


That's the percent of contracts set up with email alerts for expiring contracts. This helps contract managers stay on top of renegotiation opportunities, updating NDAs, and ensuring compliance on items like vendor insurance.


Average number of contract types created in ContractWorks. This allows contract managers to tag a contract based on its type, creating consistency for reporting and alerting on different types of contracts.


Average number of custom reports created by contract managers to help them manage and track contracts by end date, amounts, regions, salesperson, royalty fees, and any other custom fields. These reports can be shared with specific roles within ContractWorks, or with all roles.


Average number of custom roles created by contract managers, limiting access rights according to the role of the user. Custom roles allows contract managers to provide access to others to increase productivity while also limiting exposure of sensitive documents to authorized users only.

Why ContractWorks?

If you're not familiar with ContractWorks and what it offers, watch this short video to see how ContractWorks is changing the face of contract management software. 

Featured Customer Service FAQ

How do I upload my company logo?
Go to 'Settings', click on 'upload', and then select your company logo. This will add a logo to the upper left-hand corner of ContractWorks and will display for all of your users. A few best practices:


-Use a horizontal version of your logo, if possible
-Use a .png file if available
-If your logo contains dark colors, use a white version of your logo for maximum visibility

As always, we welcome your feedback on ideas that will help you save time, and help your productivity. 


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