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Fast, Easy Implementation 

AI Auto-Tagging does the heavy lifting for you, saving you hours or even days worth of work.

Instant Access to Auto-Tagged Data

Simply drag and drop your contracts into ContractWorks. Critical information is automatically tagged in each document, including agreement type, parties, effective date, termination date, initial term, renewal term, and termination notice window.

See Your Tags in Context

Review all tags and view snippets of the agreement where the tagged information can be found. Snippet View allows you to quickly navigate to each tag within the document.

Milestone Alerts and Custom Reports

Quickly and easily enable alerts and create custom reports based on the auto-tagged information within your contracts.

Improving Contract Management

ContractWorks with AI is a game-changer for the contract management process.

Advanced OCR and Contract Outline

Our enhanced OCR functionality reads and analyzes the contents of uploaded documents to create a linear outline from the section headers, allowing for quick review of agreements.

Built In-house and Always Innovating

ContractWorks’ AI feature was built entirely in-house by our team of talented engineers, allowing for ongoing feature and functionality improvements based on feedback from customers who are using the product on a regular basis.

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Industry-Leading Security

ContractWorks for non-disclosure agreement management is a system with features custom-built for the security of your data.

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Low, Transparent Pricing

ContractWorks offers pricing plans that meet the needs and budget of any business, starting at $600/month. Unlimited users, 24/7 support and data migration are included at no additional charge. 

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