Industry-Leading Security

Your contracts represent the value of your company. ContractWorks keeps them safe.

Contract Compliance

ISO 27001-Certified Data Centers

ContractWorks’ is hosted in data centers that are rated among the most secure in the world, utilizing physical protective measures such as electronic key card entry, pin codes, biometric hand scans and 24/7 onsite security officers. Data centers are certified to ISO 27001 and Level 1 PCI compliance standards.

Confidential Information

Offsite Backup for Disaster Recovery

The documents you store in ContractWorks are constantly backed up to our dedicated servers with built in redundancy. This provides the potential to make ContractWorks a core component of any disaster recovery plan. Storing your most valuable contracts in the system can protect your business against theft, hardware failure, virus attack, accidental deletion and natural disaster.

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ContractWorks provides encryption for your documents both at rest and in transit. All data, including backups, is encrypted with 256-bit AES (Federal Government certified for top secret documents). We deliver data to your desktop using TLS with 256-bit symmetric encryption and a 2048-bit authenticated key agreement. A separate salt masks passwords which are also encrypted with Bcrypt, a one-way hash.

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Access Control

ContractWorks provides the ability to set strict user access controls based around a folder or a set of folders. If your user doesn’t have access to a folder they don’t know it exists. When granting access to folders you can choose whether users can only view the contents, view and download, or if they have full access which provides freedom to add and reorganize contracts. Administrators are the only ones with the ability to invite other users.

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User Activity Tracking

As an Administrator in ContractWorks you are able to view a record of every login and every click taken within the system. The date, time and nature of the activity are all tracked. This information can have a number of benefits; from a compliance standpoint you have detailed oversight of your user’s actions and from an accuracy standpoint you have an easy way to track down mistakes or missing documents to make corrections.

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With ContractWorks we have built data privacy measures in to our product, as well as in to our procedures and security measures. For example, no one at our company has access to client accounts, there is no “backdoor” log in for the services team. By removing our team from the loop we substantially reduce risk for our clients. In addition we never market our products to our client’s end users, which is a common practice with other more generic file storage and file sharing systems.

Features Built for Security

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Control who has access to your contracts and what they can do with them.

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Track actions of users in the contract management system. Includes name, date, time, and the action they took.

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All users sign an NDA upon first entry into the system. Acceptance is captured in your audit log.

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Included at no extra cost, two-factor authentication protects against unwarranted access to the system should a password be lost or stolen.

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Select view-only access for users to disable printing.

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ContractWorks automatically times out after 60 minutes of inactivity.

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Confidential contracts can quickly be hidden from your screen with the click of a mouse.

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Watermarks are optional on all contracts. They are personally identifiable and include user, date, and time stamp.

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