Oil & Gas Contract Management Software

Oil & Gas companies, as well as other businesses within the energy sector, are required to adhere to strict, complicated, and evolving industry regulations. ContractWorks provides easy-to-use contract management software that helps simplify the oil & gas industry's contract management processes while offering security features, strict access control, as well as customized alerts and reporting capabilities at a price that is significantly less than other solutions.
QMax Case Study

"ContractWorks functions effortlessly as our primary contract management software. It is effective, serviceable, and extremely user friendly. "

- Celina Carter, QMax

Energy Companies Use ContractWorks For:

  • Contract Management
  • Task & Email Alerts
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Master Service Agreements
  • Payer and Provider Contracts
  • Vendor/Client Management



Unlimited Users and Unlimited Online Document Storage

Working with numerous vendors, clients, contractors, and certification agencies creates a significant amount of documentation that must be regularly audited, renewed, and stored in a secure and centralized location. ContractWorks is helping many in the energy industry to become more efficient and streamline their document management processes. Using our secure contract repository with unlimited document storage allows companies to house all corporate contracts online and in one location, making them quickly searchable, auditable, and reportable, saving time and money.




Custom Alerts and Notifications

The energy industry requires complete compliance with heavily-regulated industry rules. This means that missing a master service agreement expiration or failing to renew a payer or provider contract is not an option. ContractWorks makes it easy to create custom alerts based on a set of parameters of your choosing for individual or groups of contracts that can be sent directly to your inbox, notifying you of any item that needs attention and keeping you ahead of your obligations.



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