Contract Management Solutions for Any Industry

Different industries face different challenges when dealing with the complexity of managing corporate contracts. Whether adhering to strict contract compliance requirements in the life sciences space or managing supply chain contracts for manufacturing, ContractWorks provides a flexible contract management solution with the added benefit of providing maximum-level security for contract storage.

Healthcare Contract Management


Healthcare companies tend to be prolific producers of contract paperwork and, at the same time, are required to adhere to strict data compliance guidelines. ContractWorks offers an easy way to reduce friction in the life sciences & healthcare contract management process while offering security features, access control, and activity logs not typically found in other solutions.

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Oil & Gas Contract Management Software

Oil & Gas 

Oil & Gas companies, as well as other businesses within the energy sector, are required to adhere to strict, complicated, and evolving industry regulations. ContractWorks provides easy-to-use contract management software that helps simplify the oil & gas industry's contract management processes while offering security features, strict access control, as well as customized alerts and reporting capabilities at a price that is significantly less than other solutions.

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Manufacturing Contract Management


Manufacturing companies tend to face greater challenges with supplier contracts than other industries. For complex products sourcing components from all over the world, it can be a struggle to manage your commitments. The result can be overpayment and supply chain delays. ContractWorks helps you reduce these risks by alerting you to key milestones across obligations with suppliers, customers, and distributors alike.

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Non-Profit & Government

Government agencies and nonprofit companies regularly form and preserve professional relationships with outside vendors and contractors, as well as other public and private organizations. These relationships come with a number of corporate contracts and other time-sensitive documentation that must be carefully tracked, renewed, and organized. ContractWorks helps eliminate risk through custom alerts around important milestone dates, and saves time and money through automated reporting for audits.

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Technology Contract Management


Technology companies are characterized by rapid growth and constant change. Increasing volumes of contracts from customers, vendors, partners, and contractors can spiral out of control leaving you open to lost revenue, unnecessary risk, and difficulties with fundraising and audits. ContractWorks is a simple solution to mitigating risk as the company grows.

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