Contract Management Software Comparison

Comparing contract management software is a time-consuming process and it can be difficult to know where to start. ContractWorks offers a simple, secure solution for those struggling to move away from manual processes or who have had problems implementing cumbersome contract management software in the past. 

See How We Compare

This contract management software comparison, which also features commonly used DIY solutions, highlights the differences between ContractWorks and our competitors.

Spring CM
Secure Contract Repository
Email Alerts
Ongoing Upgrades
Custom Reports
Custom Tag Values
Permission-based User Roles
Free implementation
Implement 30 minutes
Unlimited users
Unlimited storage
Transparent Pricing
No backend access to data
24/7 Phone & Email Support
Modern Design
All Features Included at Lowest Price

Why ContractWorks?

ContractWorks streamlines the contract management process and helps you gain control. Our clients get the highest level of security and privacy as well as an easy-to-use product with affordable flat-rate pricing. Here are some of the ways we stand out: 

Easy-to-Use Software

  • Implement and begin using the software in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Drag & drop documents and folders provide for quick, simple set up.
  • Use the Quick Search field to easily find users and documents

Industry-Leading Security

  • Two-factor authentication protects your accounts from unauthorized access
  • Audit logs show all user activity in the contract management system.
  • Set strict permission-based user roles to remain in control of your data

Transparent Pricing

  • Readily available pricing with no implementation or support fees. 
  • No upgrade fees, a full feature set is always included and updates are free and automatic. 
  • Our $400 flat-fee pricing includes unlimited users and unlimited documents 

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