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Electronic Signature- Coming Soon!

The easiest, most secure contract management software, complete with unlimited users, unlimited contracts, and low flat-fee pricing.

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Contract Management Software
contract management software
contract management services
contract management

Why ContractWorks?



Send documents for esignature and seamlessly file them in your contract repository. 



Control and quickly search for your contracts in a central contract repository.



Create custom reports on the fly that help you do your job effectively and communicate with others.



Never miss another key contract milestone, such as expiration date, again.

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Built-in Electronic Signature

Coming Soon! Sending documents for electronic signature is common place for business transactions today. ContractWorks provides a fully-integrated electronic signature solution that requires no API. Sending documents to be signed can be done in minutes and the signed document is seamlessly filed in your ContractWorks contract repository. ContractWorks Electronic Signature is built to conform with the Esign act and Federal and individual state regulations.



Central Contract Repository

Securely storing contracts in a central repository has value for many companies. ContractWorks provides a single location for all contracts that can be easily accessed, but on a controlled basis. A familiar folder-based interface makes it easy to build a logical structure and access can be granted to others on a per folder basis. Finding contracts is simple with the ability to search across contract and folder names as well as an advanced tag-based search to find contracts based on data points you have identified as important.



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Easy Reporting

Reporting on key contract information is a critical function of any contract management software. ContractWorks makes it simple to quickly provide key stakeholders with customizable reports. Results are exportable to CSV files, making it easy to share the report or do any additional analysis on the data.



Customizable Alerts

Missed contract renewal or expiration dates can be expensive. ContractWorks allows you to set alerts based on any key date or milestone. Multiple alerts can be set on a single date, for example 30 days and 60 days prior to expiration. Auto-renewing contracts can be set to update based on a schedule with alerts triggered prior to the new term.


“If you're looking for a sophisticated, cost-effective solution to manage your contracts, this is it. ContractWorks is an easy, secure, intuitive product and it will do wonders for your internal processes.”

-Nadia Niver, Operations Manager,

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Additional Benefits of ContractWorks

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Simple User Interface

ContractWorks takes about 15 minutes for an administrator to learn and get to grips with. Most contract mangement solutions will tell you their software is simple to use but it only takes a short trial of ContractWorks to validate that claim.

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Permission-based User Roles

ContractWorks provides the ability to invite users into the system but restrict the folders they are able to access. You can also select what level of permission a user has for each folder. Options are view-only (no print), download, or full access.

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Drag & Drop Uploads

Implementing online contract management software can be a pain. We’ve strived to make it as simple as possible. Get contracts and folders into the system in minutes with drag & drop uploads, no plug-in required.

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Dedicated Support

We know that when you have a question, it’s imperative that it’s answered quickly and thoroughly. Our dedicated support team is here to help you with anything you may need- via email, phone, or online, and will always respond quickly.

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Industry-leading Security

Your corporate contracts contain a lot of confidential information about your company and its operations. ContractWorks provides a solution with robust security features to protect your data.

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Unlike most contract management solutions, we make two key promises: no one at ContractWorks has access to your data, and we will never market to your users.

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