How to Bulk-Tag Documents with Data Spreadsheets

If you are currently keeping track of certain metadata for your contracts, you can import this data into ContractWorks and automatically “tag” the documents with relevant data fields.

Here are a few steps and best practices to keep in mind as you go through this process: 

1. Prepare the environment in ContractWorks 

  • Upload all the documents that you would need to add tags for into ContractWorks document repository

→ Watch this video tutorial on how to upload documents into CW

  • Create the tags and templates as needed for your documents 

→ Watch this video tutorial on how to create tags and templates

Keep in mind: the tag types you are creating must match exactly with the format in the spreadsheet. For example, a “Start Date” must be a date type tag. The date sequence also needs to match e.g. MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY. 

2. Prepare the spreadsheet with the right information 

  • Download the template spreadsheet from ContractWorks
    • Best practice is to create separate templates → can use clone templates 
  • Copy over the relevant fields from your spreadsheet into the ContractWorks template spreadsheet
    • Best practice: If you have a large dataset, test using 5 rows/documents.
  • Review the spreadsheet and ask:
    • Do the document names in your spreadsheet match exactly with the document names in the ContractWorks repository?
    • Do the field types in your spreadsheet match the tag types in the relevant ContractWorks template? 

3. Upload the completed spreadsheet with relevant tags into ContractWorks