How to Upload Documents



ContractWorks allows two ways to upload documents into the system:

Using the upload button: Documents can be uploaded 2 ways: First, using the upload button, which will allow a user to upload either single documents or folders from their computer system


Dragging and dropping: A user can also drag and drop a document or folder from their desktop directly into the system. We recommend this be done using the Chrome browser. The user will know they are approved to drop in a document due to the green ring that appears around the repository

Tips and tricks

  • When migrating from another system, the documents will typically need to be downloaded out of the system. Once downloaded, then you have the two upload options above to choose from in order to bring the documents into ContractWorks
  • When uploading large batches of documents, allow enough time for the documents to render into the system. If the computer is turned off or turned to locked or sleeping mode, the processing with stop. We recommend starting a large batch upload early, and continuing on to other activities while the documents process into the system
  • The document size limit is 2 GB. If a document is over this size then the system will show an error and the document must be modified to fit within this limit