How to Create a Tag Template

A tag template is a sheet of tags you would like a user to fill in across your different contract types. This can be used to track information for reporting, set alerts, or use as form fill for E-Signature. Only administrators can create templates.



Tag: An individual field of data (i.e. Vendor Name, End Date, Start Date, etc.)

Template: A grouping of tags into a sheet to standardize the information being input across documents, typically by contract type





Step 1: Go to Tags tab, select Templates option from the dropdown.

Template Menu


Step 2: Select New Template.

New Template


Step Step 3: Name the template. This is typically a contract type that you’d like to standardize information across, for example a NDA, SOW, BAA, or Marketing Agreement. 

Step 4: Move to the Add New Tag section to the right and choose existing informational tags to bring in. We recommend using this list first and bringing in all existing tags before adding new tags to mitigate creating duplicate tags in the system.


Step 5: If there are any additional tags you would like your user to fill in that do not exist already, you can add a new tag and create new fields.

Step 6: If using Step 5, add in the name of the information you’re looking to fill in and select a type of information you are asking to be tracked. Submit the tag to create it and enter it into your template.

Create Tag

Step 7: Select additional options. To the right of each tag there are three icons: a required box, x symbol and a list. If you would like to force the user to fill in a field, click on the required checkbox and a user will not be able to save their changes until that field is filled out. The ‘x’ will remove the tag from the template, and the list icon can be grabbed to drag and drop a field in the appropriate order.

Step 8: Once completed, hit Submit at the bottom and the template will be created. The template is now available for users in the tag template dropdown in the document view. You will be able to modify the template at any time by clicking into the template name. 

Submit Template