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Non-Disclosure agreements (NDAs, aka CDAs) can range from a minor annoyance to a major time sink....and are not without risk.

An NDA/CDA is an essential part of doing business, particularly in industries where Intellectual Property is being exchanged.
The risk these agreements carry is significant, if you're going to be committing to non-disclosure, or if you're asking others to commit to your non-disclosure terms, ContractWorks can make the sending, signing and tracking of NDAs/CDAs completely painless.
During this short webinar you will learn:
  • why NDA's carry so much risk
  • the most common NDA risk factors
  • how to securely send NDAs out for signature 
  • how to control the signing process
  • how to capture a few key pieces of data against the NDA/CDA, so you can easily report on the commitments you have made

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